Twitter Blue Head Esther Crawford Leaves Company Amid Restructuring

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Twitter's Latest Round of Layoffs Hits Product Manager Esther Crawford

Twitter Blue head Esther Crawford has been let go from her position at Twitter, as the company undergoes another wave of layoffs. Crawford served as the product manager for several initiatives at Twitter, including the company’s Blue subscription service and its upcoming payments platform.

The layoffs, which affected “well above 50” people across multiple departments, have led to speculation that Twitter owner Elon Musk is preparing to install a new regime at the company. In a recent interview, Musk stated that he intends to stabilize the organization and ensure that the product roadmap is clearly laid out before stepping down as CEO, potentially by the end of the year.


During her tenure at Twitter, Crawford emerged as one of the company’s most prominent product managers under Musk’s leadership. She notably tweeted a photo of herself on the floor of Twitter’s office in a sleeping bag and eye mask, highlighting the dedication of her team to meeting deadlines.

This marks at least the fourth round of layoffs at Twitter since Musk took ownership of the company last year. Crawford was among the last remaining product team members to be let go in this latest round of cuts.

According to an inside look at Twitter from reporters Zoë Schiffer, Casey Newton, and Alex Heath, Crawford had been seeking a larger role at the company following Musk’s takeover. She also commented on Musk’s massive layoffs last year, stating that “drastic cuts were going to be required to survive, no matter who owned the company.”


As Twitter continues to restructure under Musk’s leadership, the future of the company remains uncertain. However, the tech industry will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on developments at the social media giant.