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Write for us

You have the freedom to collaborate with us. We only ask that you have a strong idea and the talent to write it up.

These guidelines were updated on August 4, 2022.

We are looking for passionate writers, who can share their thoughts/opinions through our website. Please check our topics below before you start writing for us.

At GadgetBond.com, we are giving you a free opportunity to write anything about the following topics:

We accept articles for — trending tech, business, electric vehicles (EVs)/autonomous vehicles (AVs), e-bikes, smart gadgets, mobile/laptop, Mac, Pixel devices, tech reviews, apps/software reviews, accessory reviews, IoT, business, advice, daily/weekly deals, buying guides, event covering such WWDC/MWC/CES/Google I/O and others, science-stuff, galaxy/space explored, jobs/career/profession, cybersecurity, smart-home, social media, gaming consoles, wireless, digital culture, digital transformation, innovation, leadership, SMBs, fitness/health/wellness, climate change, Sustainability, camera, photography, fund-raising/startup/growth/fintech, entrepreneurs, crypto/blockchain, how-to guides, tutorials, what is… topics, how to use…, tips for…, best of…, benefits of…, how to use…, streaming services including Subscription Video on Demand (SVoD)/OTT and others, streaming & entertainment, and so on.

All of the above are some of the topics that you can write it for us. Got something new or different that you didn’t see in our above-given topics then, first of all, tell us about that topic by contacting us, so we can investigate them for you. For topic suggestion, write [Write for us] in the subject field in our contact form before writing the subject, so that we can understand that this request is for a new topic suggestion.

We are suggesting you let us know the title and description of the article that you want to write, so we can manually review and approve it. As soon as we approve your post title and description, after that, you can start writing a draft post for us. And as soon as you finish writing your draft post, send it to us as soon as possible so that we can review that draft post once and post it on our website.

Before you write anything, make sure you have noted down our below guidelines:


  • Note #1: Your article must be unique and original and must agree to not publish it on any other website that you choose for us if we found that article on any other website, we will immediately remove your article from our website and take it further actions.
  • Note #2: You must be passionate about the topics/stuff that we mentioned above.
  • Note #3: You should have good writing skills so that people can understand well what you want to explain and say in the article.
  • Note #4 (optional): You are free to add your website or blog link (if you have any) in the article or you can include it at the bottom of the articles. But first, you have to let us know before you add links to articles because we choose trusted website links on our website.

Writing guidelines

  • Your article must be well-written in the English language with no grammar mistakes at all and must be SEO friendly (refer to the last two points below).
  • The article must be written in .docx or .doc format, we recommend you to use Google Docs or Microsoft’s Word suite.
  • Your article must be written in at least 1200+ words, but you can consider writing it short in certain scenarios.
  • Before you draft your article for us, please send us some examples of writing skills or sample examples or you can share some article links to us that you have written for other publications recently or in the past.
  • You must know the basic structure of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (we recommend deep knowledge of SEO). So you can optimize your article on your own, however, we can do that on our end.
  • If you need any kind of writing help, we recommend you use Grammarly’s GrammarCheck tool, which helps you find your grammar mistakes, plus correct your sentences, OR you can also use ProWritingAid for smart writing which helps you to check your grammar mistakes correctly.
  • And most importantly, please re-check all grammar mistakes and errors in the Doc file before you send it to us.

Approval process

You don’t need to write anything until you get approval, just wait for our response but don’t worry we will give you the reply as soon as possible. Once we have approved you for your title and description, you can start drafting your article in a document format that we have mentioned in our above guidelines, and please don’t forget to re-check your content before you send it to us.

Be patient...

The way you can contact us for approval

Important Update: We’ve updated our previous normal form to the new secure form, so you can now contact us in a new way and easier than ever contact us in real-time messaging, which means you’ll get our reply in time without any delay (It depends on our country and our working hours, our usual working hour is: 10 a.m. IST to 12 p.m. IST).

If you have any queries or you would like to contact us, please fill out this form, but first, you need to enter [Write for us]… in the subject field before your initial subject starts, after that, you can combine your subject line with it (Eg. [Write for us]… this is your subject line) or you can simply use our chatbot which is located at the bottom left corner of this page.