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Shubham Sawarkar (Owner & Founder)

I am passionate about researching and discovering new and interesting technology-related topics. My background in high school studies, combined with my certification training in CISCO Routing & Switching, Configuring Windows, Installing & Configuring Windows Server, and Administrating Windows Server, has provided me with a solid foundation for understanding and analyzing the latest technology trends.

As the owner/founder and editor of GadgetBond, I am always on the lookout for new and exciting content to share with readers. If you are interested in contributing to our website, whether it be through writing articles, providing tips or tricks, or sharing your own personal experiences with technology, please don’t hesitate to contact me at shubham@gadgetbond.com.

In addition to my work at GadgetBond, I also owned the website WPRiddle, where I explore a wide range of topics related to Small Businesses, WordPress and Digital Marketing. I invite you to visit my other site (WPRiddle.com) and discover more about my interests and expertise.

In short, I am deeply interested in technology and its impact on our daily lives. At GadgetBond, I strive to provide our readers with the latest and most accurate information on the latest technology trends, devices, and software. And I am always open to working with other like-minded individuals who share my passion for technology.