50% of Twitter’s workforce will reportedly be laid off today

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50% of Twitter’s workforce will reportedly be laid off today
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Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter last week, the company and its employees have had a shocking week. Musk did not waste time and immediately relieved the top management. The company’s CEO, CFO, and top lawyer are leaving to make way for Elon Musk’s visions. They will receive large severance packages in the millions of dollars, but even that is not final.

Meanwhile, Twitter employees are in a state of chaos. Layoffs are never pleasant for any company, but the new Twitter CEO will make them even more painful. Platformer’s Casey Newton obtained an internal company email stating that layoffs will take place on Friday (Nov. 4th, 2022). All employees who will be let go from Twitter will be notified via company email.

Musk deposed top management in order to seize complete control and assemble a team that shares his vision for Twitter. If you’re curious about his vision, it’s crazy and makes no sense. Musk made Twitter private again, giving him complete control over the social media platform’s future. He proposed new revenue streams, including one that would reduce reliance on advertisements.

In addition, Musk proposed charging $20 per month for Twitter-verified badges. Stephen King was outraged by the idea and threatened to leave Twitter if it became a reality. He also stated that Twitter should compensate him for using the platform. Musk challenged with an $8-per-month proposal. These are some of Musk’s wild plans for Twitter, and employees will have to work around the clock to get these features up and running as soon as possible.

However, firing employees via email and causing uproar by announcing it the day before is as heartless as it gets. Everyone on the team is waiting to hear whether they will be joining the company on Friday or not. Finding another job will be more difficult because all tech giants, including Meta, Apple, and others, have frozen hiring for this year.