Elon Musk to Step Down as CEO of Twitter by End of 2023

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Elon Musk to Step Down as CEO of Twitter by End of 2023
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Elon Musk has announced that he might step down as CEO of Twitter by the end of 2023, following a tumultuous tenure at the social media platform. Musk, who acquired Twitter for $44 billion in late October, has been known for his erratic leadership style, which has been marked by massive layoffs, surprise policy changes, and declining advertiser revenue. Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai, he noted that he plans to stabilize the company and ensure that it is financially healthy before stepping down, adding that the end of the year would be a good time to find a replacement.

Musk had previously conducted a poll on Twitter, in which he asked users whether he should step down as CEO, promising to honor their decision. He has not offered any concrete indication of exactly when he might leave but has said that he will continue to oversee Twitter’s software and servers teams after his resignation. Despite his comments, some have noted that Musk has a history of misestimating future plans and that his timeline for stepping down may not be accurate.


In recent months, there have been reports that a CEO hunt has been underway, but potential candidates remain elusive. Following his announcement, Musk shared a joke photo of his dog Floki sitting at a desk with the caption “The new CEO of Twitter is amazing.” He did not offer any indication of who could be in line to take the role.

During his interview at the World Government Summit, Musk also discussed his plans to reduce misinformation on Twitter, as well as his overall ambitions for the platform. While he has been a controversial figure as CEO, many have noted that his departure could have significant implications for the company’s future. As the search for a new CEO continues, all eyes will be on Twitter to see who will ultimately take the reins from Elon Musk.