Parallels Desktop 19 is here with Touch ID integration and full macOS Sonoma compatibility

Aug 22, 2023, 4:21 PM UTC
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Parallels Desktop 19 is here with Touch ID integration and full macOS Sonoma compatibility
(Image credit: Parallels/Parallels International GmbH)

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If you’re a Mac user who’s into virtualization, there’s some exciting news for you! The latest iteration of Parallels Desktop, version 19, has hit the scene with a bunch of cool new features and improvements. Whether you’re tech-savvy or just intrigued by what’s new, let’s dive into the details.

Touch ID Integration

Do you know that nifty fingerprint authentication feature on your Mac? Well, Parallels Desktop 19 takes it up a notch by bringing Touch ID into the virtualization mix. If you’ve got a secure Windows login and password, you can now use Touch ID to sign in to your Windows virtual machines. No more juggling passwords; just your fingerprint and you’re in. It’s a small step that can make a big difference in your virtual world.

Parallels Desktop 19 is here with Touch ID integration and full macOS Sonoma compatibility
Touch ID support. (Image credit: Parallels/Parallels International GmbH)

macOS Sonoma Compatibility

Apple’s macOS Sonoma is on the horizon, and Parallels Desktop 19 is all set to play nice with it. One standout feature is the revamped Shared Printing via Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). In plain English, this means you can print from Windows apps without jumping through hoops. No more tech troubles, just easy printing.

macOS VM on Apple silicon

If you’re rocking an Apple silicon Mac, you’re in for a treat. Parallels Desktop 19 offers a more immersive virtual machine experience thanks to dynamic resolution adjustments. It’s like giving your virtual world a makeover for better visual vibes. Plus, multitouch gestures with Trackpad support mean you can interact with your virtual environment just like you would with your Mac.

Taking Control Remotely

For the tech aficionados using the Pro Edition, here’s something that might make you smile. You can now access your macOS Sonoma 14 virtual machine remotely through port forwarding. This comes in handy, especially if you’ve got your VMs hosted on Amazon EC2 Mac cloud instances. It’s tech magic that gives you more control over your virtual realm.

New App Icon

Parallels Desktop 19 didn’t just stop at functionality; it got a style upgrade too. A sleek new app icon and a refreshed user interface make navigation a breeze. And when you’re interacting with the app, you’ll notice native dialogs that make things even smoother. It’s all about giving you a friendly and intuitive experience.

Parallels Desktop 19 is here with Touch ID integration and full macOS Sonoma compatibility
New app icon. (Image credit: Parallels/Parallels International GmbH)

Parallels Desktop 19 isn’t stopping at the major features. It’s bringing in a range of enhancements:

  • Better Support for CAD Software: If you’re into CAD software like VariCAD and Vectorworks Vision 2023, you’re in luck. Parallels Desktop 19 offers improved OpenGL support, making these applications run more smoothly on your Mac.
  • Boosted Performance for AcrGIS Pro: If you’re working with maps, AcrGIS Pro just got a performance boost. It’s all about getting your work done faster and with fewer hiccups.
  • Embracing Linux: Linux fans, you’re not forgotten. Parallels Desktop 19 lets you run CentOS 9 Stream on your Apple silicon Mac, along with a bunch of other Linux distributions like Ubuntu 22.04.2 and Fedora 38.
  • Arm-Based Linux VMs: Tech lingo aside, this means you can create a new type of Linux virtual machine on your Apple silicon Mac. It’s all about versatility and expanding your virtual horizons.
  • A Helping Hand for Coders: If you’re a coder using Visual Studio Code, Parallels Desktop 19 makes life easier. You can now manage your VMs and their containers right from the extension. It’s a coder’s dream come true.
  • Windows Management Solutions: For those who use Windows management solutions like Microsoft Intune, Parallels Desktop 19 has your back. It’s all about making your life smoother when deploying Windows.


Parallels Desktop 19 comes in different editions:

The choice is yours, depending on your needs and how deep you want to dive into the world of virtualization.

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