iPhone 14 Pro users suffer freeze during data restore from iCloud

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iPhone 14 Pro users suffer freeze during data restore from iCloud
iPhone 14 Pro models (Photo by Nic Coury/Bloomberg)

Just a few days after Apple‘s newest iPhone 14 flagship series went on sale, users have already discovered a few issues. Recently, users complained that running specific apps with the phone’s camera on iPhone 14 Pro models was making it rattle.

According to the latest complaints, issues cause the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to freeze during data transfers.

It is said that this bug only affects the iPhone 14 Pro models and that it causes the user’s old iPhone to become unresponsive whenever they try to restore data from iCloud during the Quick Start process.

Apple has admitted to this bug and stated that a fix is in the work. According to MacRumors, the tech giant confirmed information of the freezing problem in an internal memo and stated that they are looking into it. An official patch has not yet been released, though.

Users of the iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max are recommended to force restart their device if their phone becomes unresponsive for longer than five minutes. The iPhone would then be able to operate normally as a result of this.

Users of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are also having trouble connecting their phones to an open Wi-Fi network during the activation process, so this is not the only problem they are facing.

When asked to connect to a Wi-Fi network during the onboarding process, the company claimed that this was not a problem and advised users to do it by connecting to a PC or Mac with iTunes. After that, users should return to the settings to enable Wi-Fi.

Apple has also advised users of the iPhone 14‘s lineup to update to the latest version of iOS in order to receive all the fixes.