iOS apps coming to the Apple Vision Pro store

Sep 10, 2023, 3:08 PM UTC
2 mins read
iOS apps coming to the Apple Vision Pro store
(Image credit: Apple)

In a surprising and game-changing announcement, Apple has just revealed its plans to automatically publish nearly every iOS app to the Apple Vision Pro store by default. What does this mean for you? Well, get ready to access a treasure trove of “hundreds of thousands of iPad and iPhone apps” right on your Apple Vision Pro headset. And yes, that’s in addition to the exclusive Vision Pro apps that are set to hit the official store.

Now, you might be thinking, “Okay, great, but what’s the big deal? Won’t these apps just look like bigger versions of what’s on my phone or tablet?” Well, yes and no. Apple assures us that “app experiences can easily extend to Apple Vision Pro from day one — with no additional work required.” So yes, you’ll see familiar interfaces, but imagine enjoying your favorite streaming services on the Vision Pro’s massive virtual screen. We’re talking up to 100 feet of screen space here! Picture lightsaber battles on Ahsoka in larger-than-life detail. Add in the sleek, lightweight design of the headset, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate entertainment machine. And hey, this is just the beginning; soon, we can expect specially crafted streaming apps to elevate the experience even further.

For all you app developers out there, Apple has your back too. They’re rolling out a visionOS beta this fall, giving you a chance to test your apps and ensure they work seamlessly on the Vision Pro. Plus, this toolset lets you fine-tune your app’s integration with the headset. And if, for some reason, your app isn’t eligible, you’ll get the heads-up, though most apps are expected to sail smoothly into the Vision Pro world.

So, why is Apple doing this? The Vision Pro is set to be a niche product at first due to its hefty $3,500 price tag and specialized use cases. This move to include almost all iOS apps in the Vision Pro store has a dual purpose. Firstly, it pumps up the app count in the store, making it more enticing for potential buyers. Secondly, it puts pressure on big players like Meta to create exclusive features for the headset.

For those not in the know, the Apple Vision Pro is Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset. It’s packing some serious tech, including eye-tracking for precise control with just your gaze and an OLED screen that recreates your eyes digitally for interactive experiences. But, yes, it comes at a premium price, equivalent to seven Meta Quest 3 VR headsets.

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