Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes Apple’s Vision Pro falls short of offering an innovative future of computing Meta has already explored

Jun 9, 2023, 2:23 PM UTC
2 mins read
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes Apple's Vision Pro falls short of offering an innovative future of computing Meta has already explored

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg just expressed his skepticism towards Apple‘s newly announced Apple Vision Pro, stating that the device fails to offer the future of computing that he envisions. In an internal meeting with employees, Zuckerberg asserted that Apple’s latest release did not introduce any groundbreaking features that Meta hadn’t already explored.

Zuckerberg’s remarks come in the wake of Meta’s strategic decision to tease the Meta Quest 3 just days before Apple unveiled its Vision Pro mixed-reality headset. By doing so, Meta aimed to reclaim some of the attention and divert the spotlight away from Apple’s announcement.

During the internal meeting, Zuckerberg highlighted the disparity in values and vision between the two tech giants. He pointed out that Apple’s Vision Pro showcased a solitary individual sitting on a couch, suggesting that this might be their concept of the future of computing. However, Zuckerberg made it clear that this particular vision did not align with his own aspirations.

Instead, the Meta CEO emphasized the interactive and active nature of Meta’s Quest device, which he believes offers a more promising trajectory for the future of computing. While expressing confidence in the Quest’s potential, Zuckerberg also expressed concerns about Apple’s influence in the virtual reality (VR) space, particularly due to their closed ecosystem.

In October, Zuckerberg raised apprehensions about Apple’s potential impact on Meta’s market position and financial performance if they were to release a VR or augmented reality (AR) device within their closed ecosystem. However, he did not elaborate further on the specific implications he foresaw.

Apple’s long-anticipated entrance into the AR/VR market materialized with the announcement of Vision Pro. Priced at $3,499, the mixed-reality headset will not be available for shipping until 2024, marking a significant milestone for Apple’s involvement in immersive technologies.

Zuckerberg’s remarks shed light on the competitive dynamics between Meta and Apple as both companies vie for dominance in the rapidly evolving AR/VR landscape. While Zuckerberg downplays the significance of Apple’s latest offering, the market will ultimately determine which vision of the future of computing resonates more strongly with consumers.

As the AR/VR market continues to mature, Meta and Apple will undoubtedly engage in further innovation and rivalry, each striving to shape the future of computing in their own distinct way. The coming years will reveal how these competing visions and strategies unfold and influence the trajectory of the industry.

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