Gurman: Apple Vision Pro headset is still a work in progress, with crucial elements like app support and comfort requiring further development

Jun 26, 2023, 6:16 AM UTC
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Apple Vision Pro headset is still a work in progress, with crucial elements like app support and comfort requiring further development
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple‘s highly anticipated Vision Pro headset made a grand debut at WWDC, showcasing an array of impressive features that left attendees intrigued. However, despite the captivating presentation and promising demonstrations, it is evident that Apple still has considerable work ahead before the hardware is ready for release.

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Refining the VisionOS operating system

According to Mark Gurman‘s insightful “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, the demonstrations at WWDC primarily showcased the most polished aspects of the VisionOS operating system. While these glimpses captivated the audience, it became apparent that certain elements, such as in-air typing and adapted core iPad apps, are still in need of further development. Apple recognizes the importance of fine-tuning these features to ensure a seamless user experience.

Challenges in 3D video content, app support, and prescription lenses:

Among the challenges that Apple faces is the optimization of 3D video content and ensuring robust support for third-party apps. Integrating prescription lenses into the headset poses another hurdle that requires careful attention. Apple aims to overcome these obstacles by expanding the team of engineers dedicated to the project and implementing rigorous testing procedures. By doing so, Apple hopes to deliver a comprehensive and immersive AR experience to its users.

EyeSight feature requiring refinement

One of the standout features of the Apple Vision Pro is EyeSight, which allows users’ eyes to be displayed on an external screen. However, during the demonstrations, this feature was non-functional. Recognizing its significance, Apple has intensified its efforts by increasing the number of engineers working on EyeSight to ensure its proper functionality. By fine-tuning this feature, Apple aims to provide a groundbreaking visual experience that pushes the boundaries of AR technology.

Addressing comfort and weight concerns

During initial expanded testing, users reported (I mean developers) discomfort after extended use of the Vision Pro headset. Despite Apple’s attempt to alleviate weight concerns by eliminating the battery, the metal-framed hardware still feels too heavy. To address this issue, Apple plans to introduce a second strap that fits over the wearer’s head, offering improved comfort. Additionally, Apple may offer this strap as a separate accessory, catering to individual preferences and enhancing overall user satisfaction.

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Optimizing the retail experience

Apple recognizes the importance of an exceptional retail experience and plans to dedicate specific areas within its stores for Vision Pro demonstrations. Moreover, customers will have the opportunity to choose the right band size and light seal, ensuring a personalized fit. Leveraging advanced technology, Apple will provide an iPhone app that can scan customer faces, facilitating accurate size selection and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Future enhancements and models

While some features may not be included in the initial release, Apple has exciting plans for future iterations of the Vision Pro. Although the first version will support a single desktop view of a nearby Mac screen, subsequent models will have the capability to handle multiple displays. Additionally, the use of Personas for FaceTime conferences will initially be limited to one-to-one chats, but Apple intends to introduce multi-user Persona functionality in the second generation. Furthermore, virtual fitness content and integration with Fitness+ are anticipated in future releases, underscoring Apple’s commitment to enhancing the Vision Pro’s capabilities.

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