What’s new in watchOS 10? A breakdown of Apple’s game-changing smartwatch update

Jun 6, 2023, 5:30 AM UTC
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What's new in watchOS 10? A breakdown of Apple's game-changing smartwatch update
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Apple has just made an exciting announcement that is sure to captivate Apple Watch users worldwide. The tech giant has unveiled watchOS 10, a significant update to the operating system powering its popular smartwatch. This update brings forth plenty of exciting features, including an all-new widget view, redesigned apps, enhanced workout capabilities, mood tracking, and much more.

One of the standout features of watchOS 10 is the introduction of a new and intuitive way to access information from any watch face: widgets. By simply scrolling with the Digital Crown, users can unveil a dynamic Smart Stack of widgets beneath the watch face. These widgets intelligently adapt to the user’s needs, changing based on the time of day and providing relevant information at their fingertips.

Furthermore, watchOS 10 presents users with two brand-new watch faces: “Palette” and an animated “Peanuts” face featuring beloved characters Snoopy and Woodstock. These delightful watch faces add a touch of personality and charm to the Apple Watch, allowing users to express themselves in a unique and fun way.

In addition to the exciting widgets and watch faces, watchOS 10 brings a fresh redesign to various apps on the Apple Watch. For instance, the World Clock app now boasts background colors that dynamically reflect the time of day in different time zones, enhancing the user’s ability to stay connected with the global community. The Activity app has also undergone a makeover, featuring corner icons for easy navigation, a redesigned trophy case to showcase achievements, and a new full-screen view that provides a detailed overview of each individual Activity Ring.

Fitness enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the new cycling workout features in watchOS 10. This update introduces valuable metrics like Functional Threshold Power and Power Zones, allowing cyclists to track their performance and progress with greater precision. Moreover, an immersive full-screen view on the iPhone enhances the overall workout experience. Hikers will also benefit from watchOS 10, as it integrates Compass and Maps into the Hiking app, providing essential navigation tools for outdoor adventures. To encourage further innovation in the fitness realm, watchOS 10 includes a Workout API that allows developers to seamlessly integrate their apps with the Apple Watch.

Recognizing the importance of mental well-being, Apple has incorporated a mood tracking feature into the Mindfulness app with watchOS 10. Users can effortlessly scroll through a selection of moods and log relevant metrics, providing valuable insights into their emotional state. The Health app on the iPhone then analyzes this data and offers personalized recommendations and suggestions, empowering users to proactively manage their mental health.

In its continuous pursuit of enhancing user experience and well-being, Apple has also addressed the growing concern of myopia. watchOS 10 tackles this issue by utilizing the ambient light sensor to display the Time in Daylight, a feature designed to reduce the risk of myopia. Users can conveniently access this information on their Apple Watch and further explore it within the Health app on their iPhones.

watchOS 10 availability

Apple today announced watchOS 10, a major update to the operating system for the Apple Watch, introducing a new widgets view, redesigned apps, improvements to workouts, mood tracking, and more. The developer beta of watchOS 10 is available to Apple Developer Program members, offering them an exclusive first look at the exciting features and enhancements. Additionally, a public beta will be made available to watchOS users next month, allowing a broader audience to experience the upcoming update.

It’s worth noting that watchOS 10 is set to release this fall as a free software update for Apple Watch Series 4 or later. To enjoy the benefits of watchOS 10, users will need to have their Apple Watch paired with an iPhone Xs or later, running iOS 17. This compatibility ensures that Apple Watch users can seamlessly integrate the latest advancements and enjoy the optimal performance and functionality that watchOS 10 has to offer.

watchOS 10 compatibility

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