Twitter may soon allow users to hide their Blue checkmarks

Mar 24, 2023, 6:34 PM UTC
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Twitter may soon allow users to hide their Blue checkmarks
(Image Credit: Twitter)

Twitter Blue subscribers may soon have the option to hide their blue checkmark, according to a recent report by app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi. The finding suggests that the company is working on a verification settings control panel, which includes a “Show or hide your blue checkmark on your profile” option.

While this feature is currently in development and has not been officially announced by Twitter, it could be a welcome addition for those who feel stigmatized by their subscription status. The blue checkmark, which indicates that a user is either a Blue subscriber or verified through the legacy verification program, can sometimes draw negative attention and even lead to blocking by other users.

Moreover, the impending removal of the legacy verification program in April means that the blue checkmark will no longer be associated with verification. Instead, having a blue checkmark will be an unmistakable sign that a user is a Twitter Blue subscriber.

It remains to be seen whether hiding the checkmark will provide complete protection, as verified Twitter Blue users can still be found via search. Nonetheless, Twitter could potentially allow users to opt out of appearing in such results as well.

Despite the controversy surrounding Twitter Blue, the subscription service offers several features that many users find appealing. In addition to the blue checkmark, subscribers can post longer videos and tweets, edit mistakes in existing posts, and avoid ads. While these features are not yet available, Twitter has promised that they will be implemented soon.

Twitter has also made it easier for users to obtain the blue checkmark, which previously required a 90-day waiting period for new accounts. The waiting period was recently reduced to 30 days in an effort to combat impersonation on the platform.

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