Twitter winding down its legacy blue checkmarks on April Fools’ Day

Mar 24, 2023, 4:37 PM EDT
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Twitter winding down its legacy blue checkmarks on April Fools' Day

Twitter just announced the removal of its legacy verified checkmarks from users, effective April 1st. This move has been long-anticipated, as Twitter’s CEO, Elon Musk, had previously announced his intention to rid the platform of “corrupt” legacy Blue ‘verification’ checkmarks.

While the timing of the announcement may suggest a possible April Fools’ joke, the message from Twitter is clear: verified accounts that were previously granted their blue ticks will no longer enjoy this status unless they opt for a subscription to Twitter Blue, the platform’s premium service.


It is unclear whether the removal of verified checkmarks will take place all at once or in batches. However, Twitter’s announcement coincided with the expansion of its Blue subscription service to users worldwide. This move aims to provide users with additional benefits for paying a monthly fee, including a blue tick, 4,000-character tweets, and the ability to edit their posts.

The Blue subscription service’s expansion is a significant step for Twitter as it aims to increase revenue from subscriptions, a goal set by Musk himself. However, the challenge for Twitter will be whether enough users worldwide are willing to pay the monthly fee of $8, or $11 if using the iOS app, to access the platform’s premium features.


It is worth noting that Twitter’s decision to remove verified checkmarks from legacy users will not impact new users seeking verification. Twitter will still offer verification to new users who meet their criteria, which includes being “notable and active” in their fields, with a significant following.

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