The making of the world’s first transparent AirPods Pro

Sep 2, 2023, 9:00 AM UTC
3 mins read

Do you know those iconic white AirPods Pro we all love? Imagine if they were transparent — a bold departure from Apple‘s signature look. That’s precisely what engineer and YouTuber Ken Pillonel did!

Apple has dabbled with transparent earbuds, like the Beats Studio Buds+, but the AirPods have remained loyal to their classic white design. Enter Ken Pillonel, a tech maverick known for creating the world’s first USB-C AirPods Pro case. Ken is on a mission to make Apple’s products more repairable, customizable, and user-friendly. His latest masterpiece? The transparent AirPods Pro case — a game-changer.

Ken’s journey began with a vision to break free from the norm and create a transparent version of Apple’s AirPods Pro. Inspired by the transparent designs of Beats Studio Buds+ and Nothing Ear (2), he turned to 3D printing to bring his vision to life.

The making of the world's first transparent AirPods Pro
(Courtesy of Ken Pillonel)

The process, beautifully documented in a video, involves 3D printing the case’s components and treating them to achieve a crystal-clear finish. Ken meticulously assembles every part, from the status LED on the front to the wireless charging coil on the back. Notably, he kept things user-friendly using screws, allowing easy disassembly and repair.

  • The making of the world's first transparent AirPods Pro
  • The making of the world's first transparent AirPods Pro
  • The making of the world's first transparent AirPods Pro

Ken Pillonel isn’t keeping his groundbreaking work to himself. He’s generously shared his entire process on his website through a step-by-step guide. Plus, for the tech-savvy DIYers out there, Ken’s made the 3D files available on his Patreon, so you can embark on your journey of innovation.

When the transparent AirPods Pro case is illuminated, it’s a sight to behold — a futuristic, cyberpunk masterpiece with Ken’s branding adding that extra touch. However, there are a few caveats. The AirPods Pro’s internal components weren’t designed to be seen, so they may not look as sleek as you’d hope. The wireless charging cable might appear a bit industrial, though tastes vary. And, it’s important to note that the earphones themselves remain opaque due to their sealed design. Achieving transparent earbuds remains a challenge.

Despite the cosmetic quirks, the transparent AirPods Pro case performs just as well as you’d expect from Apple’s products. Ken Pillonel’s ingenious design not only adds a unique visual twist but also ensures easy repair and customization.

Ken Pillonel’s creation of the world’s first Transparent AirPods Pro is nothing short of extraordinary. It’s a testament to innovation, customization, and user-friendliness. This project shows us that even iconic products can be reimagined, improved, and made accessible to all. Ken’s openness and willingness to share knowledge empower others to join the revolution, ushering in a new era of transparent possibilities in the world of audio tech.

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