6 new features coming to your AirPods Pro with iOS 17

Sep 1, 2023, 6:39 AM UTC
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6 new features coming to your AirPods Pro with iOS 17
(Image credit: Apple)

Apple‘s iOS 17 update isn’t just about your trusty iPhone; it’s also bringing a slew of fresh features to the second-generation AirPods Pro.

Adaptive Audio: The Magic of Sound Customization

Remember when Apple introduced Adaptive Transparency with the second-gen AirPods Pro, allowing you to enjoy your music while staying aware of your surroundings? Well, with iOS 17, they’re taking it up a notch with Adaptive Audio, also known as Adaptive Noise Control. This incredible feature blends Transparency and Active Noise Cancellation on the fly to deliver an audio experience that adapts to your environment.

Imagine, you’re walking down a busy street with leaf blowers in action and sudden traffic noise. Adaptive Audio automatically tones down the annoying sounds while ensuring you can still hear important stuff. It’s like having a personal audio engineer with you wherever you go.

Conversation Awareness: Never Miss a Beat

Have you ever been lost in your music, only to be rudely interrupted by someone wanting to chat? iOS 17’s Conversation Awareness has your back. It can be seen when someone starts talking to you and does two things. First, it lowers your audio volume to make conversations easier. Second, it minimizes background noise, ensuring your chats are crystal clear.

This feature isn’t just for casual chats; it also kicks in during phone calls, making sure your voice is heard clearly by reducing pesky background noise. As part of the Adaptive Audio suite, Conversation Awareness enhances the clarity of voices in front of you, making sure you never miss a word.

Personalized Volume: Your Ears, Your Rules

iOS 17 introduces Personalized Volume, a nifty feature that uses machine learning to refine your listening experience. By studying your surroundings and your listening habits, your iPhone becomes your personal DJ, adjusting the volume to suit your preferences over time.

Mute Controls: Silence with a Simple Tap

One surprise omission in current AirPods Pro models is the lack of an onboard mute function. But fret not, because iOS 17 has fixed that. Now, with a quick tap on the stem of your AirPods Pro, you can mute and unmute yourself during calls. And it’s not just for AirPods Pro 2; this feature works on the first-gen AirPods, the third-gen AirPods, and even AirPods Max headphones when you press the Digital Crown.

Fast Automatic Device Switching: Seamless Connections

AirPods have sometimes been criticized for being slow to switch between Apple devices. But with iOS 17, that’s history. AirPods Pro 2 will now switch between your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices faster than ever, ensuring your music, calls, or podcasts are never interrupted.

Just “Siri”

Apple is making your life simpler by changing how you talk to Siri on all their devices, and that includes AirPods Pro. No more saying “Hey Siri.” Now, just say “Siri” while wearing your AirPods Pro, and the voice assistant springs to life. Plus, you can keep firing off questions or commands without having to repeat “Siri” every time. It’s a more natural way to interact with your devices on the go.

With iOS 17, Apple isn’t just focusing on your iPhone; they’re making your AirPods Pro smarter and more intuitive. These new features promise to elevate your audio experience, whether you’re a die-hard audiophile or simply seeking convenience.

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