This robotics engineer student created a USB-C mod for iPhone X

Oct 13, 2021, 11:45 AM UTC
2 mins read
World' first USB-C port on iPhone X

After we hear lots of news from Apple rumors around the world where they mentioned Apple could bring the USB-C port to its future iPhones instead of using its proprietary Lightning connector, Apple doesn’t have plans to use USB-C port in iPhones. But this robotics engineer named “Ken Pillonel” has successfully placed the USB-C port inside the iPhone.

Ken used an iPhone X for prototype testing, and according to The Verge, he was successful in allowing the iPhone X to charge and transfer media over USB-C rather than the Lightning port.

According to Apple Insider, Ken has spent his six months on a project doing ordinary things like opening up USB-C and Lightning cables in order to achieve his ultimate aim of a USB-C iPhone.

Ken recently created a prototype that allowed an iPhone battery to be charged via the USB-C port in the month of May. Because the proof of concept was too huge to fit inside an iPhone, he had to remove all of the cables and force them in.

Pillonel reverse-engineered Apple’s custom C94 connector, according to The Verge, and created his own flexible PCB design that fits inside an iPhone. Pillonel demonstrated the iPhone X’s flexibility with USB-C charging and data transfer in the last teaser film released this week.

We don’t know what Apple has planned for future iPhones with the USB-C port, but the new European Union rule suggests that all device makers should use the USB-C port to charge and transfer data so that consumers can use their existing cable for future devices rather than buying separate cables for each device.

So, based on our estimates, Apple may be obliged to add a USB-C port to future iPhones or make the iPhone totally portless, supporting charging and data transfer via wireless technology, as a result of the new rule established by the European Union.

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