Everyone can now use Stories Links in Instagram Stories

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Everyone can now use Stories Links on Instagram Stories
Image: Instagram

Instagram now lets you add stories links to your Instagram Stories even if you do not fit in verified accounts or do not have lots of followers. Previously, Instagram Stories links were only limited to verified accounts and with a certain number of followers. From now, you don’t need to follow those criteria, so you can add Stories links to your Instagram Stories.

To add links to your Instagram Stories, first, capture or upload content to your Instagram Story or you can use existing media, then select the sticker tool from the top navigation bar, then tap the “Link” sticker to add link and tap “Done” button, now place the sticker on your story you can able tap on the sticker to see color variations. Once you made your Instagram Story in public with recently added stories link, now whenever someone sees your Instagram Story and taps on the Stories link, they will redirect to web content or website.