Save up to $11 on the Apple MagSafe battery pack

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Save up to $11 on the Apple MagSafe battery pack
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Amazon.com and Walmart today drops $11.05 on the Apple MagSafe battery pack whereas the Best Buy and B&H Photo reduced only $10. It originally cost you $99, however, you can get it today at just $87.95 on Amazon.com and Walmart or at $89 from Best Buy and B&H Photo for a limited time only. If you’re buying an Apple MagSafe battery pack from Best Buy online store, then you will receive 6 months of Apple Music and Apple News+ free for new subscribers, also 3 months of Apple TV+ free for new users.

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With the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack, you can conveniently add extra power to your iPhone. Adding power to your smartphone may be done with large battery-filled cases, hefty power banks, and extra cords, but Apple makes it relatively straightforward with MagSafe.

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The MagSafe Battery Pack attaches securely to the back of your iPhone 12/13, iPhone 12/13 mini, iPhone 12/13 Pro, or iPhone 12/13 Pro Max with a click of the perfectly aligned built-in magnets. It starts charging your phone wirelessly with up to 15W of electricity as soon as you connect it.


Other wireless objects you may have nearby or in your pockets, such as credit cards or key fobs, will not be affected by the MagSafe Battery pack.

Simply plug in a power adapter and a Lightning connection to recharge the battery pack. The MagSafe Battery Pack will recharge itself while attached to your iPhone 12/13 if you use a 15W adapter. The battery pack and your iPhone 12/13 will both charge at the same time if you use a 20W or higher power adapter. Regardless of how you recharge, you can keep track of it on your phone’s lock screen.

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