O&O SafeErase 17 added Safely deletes data and Internet traces under Windows 11

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O&O SafeErase 17 added Safely deletes data and Internet traces under Windows 11
(Source: O&O Software GmbH)

When you open any application, or any browser visit a website, every file change leaves traces on the computer that can be rebuilt by unauthorized third parties. These traces can be safely deleted and privacy can be maintained on Windows 11 with the new version of O&O SafeErase 17.

Data that haven’t been properly deleted can be simply restored without any particular knowledge. The integrated O&O SafeErase analysis feature looks for files that haven’t been securely deleted and organize them for them to be permanently deleted as soon as possible. Similarly, files that have been taken from computers, as well as external devices and disks, can be securely deleted in the same way.

O&O Software GmbH has released the latest edition of their data erasure security solution, O&O SafeErase 17. With a single mouse click, you can securely delete hard disks, partitions, files, and folders. This method can also be used to delete cookies or temporary files.

Added support to Windows 11

O&O SafeErase version 17 now fully supports Microsoft‘s Windows 11 and can be installed on all Windows versions beginning with Windows 8.1.

Added integration for the latest browser versions

When surfing the web, O&O SafeErase ensures that sensitive data is protected, and it’s now working with all current browser versions.

Microsoft Edge saves cookies, form data, and Internet history, which can be deleted manually or in bulk. Chrome Extensions are also supported with Google Chrome, thus any data saved here can be deleted. Bookmarks and history can be deleted manually in Mozilla Firefox.

Six new deletion methods to choose from

Without any specific knowledge, files that have not been properly deleted can be easily restored. O&O SafeErase‘s integrated analysis tool looks for insecurely deleted files and allows them to be securely deleted right away. It is also possible to delete files that have already been deleted in a secure manner.

There are six different deletion methods available in O&O SafeErase. The number of runs and the type of overwriting operation change amongst the deletion methods. The sensitive data is deleted and overwritten in such a way that it can no longer be recovered, even with special software. Files, directories, and even entire partitions can be erased straight from the context menu thanks to O&O SafeErase’s connection with Windows Explorer.

Delete an entire computer

Before buying, transferring, or destroying a computer, all data on the computer can be securely deleted. All files, settings, applications, and the operating system are permanently deleted, with no method of recovering them. Without a boot medium, a computer can be entirely and securely erased using the TotalErase function (e.g. boot CD). These system-critical functions required administrator access.

For use on Solid State Drives (SSDs), specially modified deletion methods are available, allowing SSDs to be deleted just as intensively as traditional hard drives.

O&O SafeErase is available as a yearly license for $19.95 USD, with a 5-computer license costing $29.95 USD, interested in one-time buying, O&O can also offer you a one-time purchase costing $59.95 for 1 PC ($99.95 for 5 PCs) which includes O&O Defrag 25, O&O DiskImage 17, O&O AutoBackup 6 and O&O SafeErase 17. Want to try O&O SafeErase 17 before you buy? O&O SafeErase 17 is available for a free 30-day trial period, within these trial days you can use it to delete files and folders.

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