($900 Off) Bring this FITBENCH FLEX weight training bench to your home at just $1,500 today, was $2,400

This is such a small and easy portable gym that you can take it with you wherever you go with the help of its two fixed wheels that allow for movement.

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($900 Off) Bring this FITBENCH FLEX weight training bench to your home at just $1,500 today, was $2,400
Photo Credit: Best Buy

Best Buy is currently offering a $900 discount on the FITBENCH FLEX,” a comfortable portable weight training bench that allows you to work out anywhere and has multiple compartments for storing all of your training equipment in one spot. We simply called this portable gym and it is currently available for $1,500 at Best Buy, down from $2,400. This means you will save $900 overall if you get it right now at Best Buy’s online store.

The product features of the FITBENCH FLEX enable a wide range of workout possibilities. When the weights are removed, it is portable, with two fixed wheels that allow for movement. The hourglass-shaped benchtop on the FITBENCH FLEX also includes a soft-close piston shock.

Other than installing the dumbbell weights, kettlebells, and slam balls in their proper locations, the FITBENCH FLEX requires no assembly. It is advised that you position the FITBENCH FLEX in its intended location once it has been removed from its packing before adding the dumbbell weights, kettlebells, slam ball, or any other purchased accessories.

The FITBENCH FLEX comes with six different dumbbell sets. You may have received dumbbells in POUNDS or KILOGRAMS, depending on your region.

With the FITBENCH FLEX weight training bench, you can work out your way. Eight variable incline points and 14 FITBAND connection sites provide your body a personalized workout, while storage space beneath the bench keeps all of your gear in one place and is easy to access. The FITBENCH FLEX weight training bench’s unique design works core muscles to increase strength and stability.

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  • Two-wheeled bench — Provides easy movement and setup
  • Various dumbbell weight options — Features six sets of rubber dumbbells with hexagon shape – 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 lbs (Or 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 10kg, 12kg and 14kg)
  • Two chrome-handled kettlebells — 20-lbs and 30-lbs (Or 8kg and 12kg). weights for flexible strength training
  • 15-lbs (7kg) slam ball — This allows you to diversify your fitness experience
  • 12-gauge cold-rolled steel construction — Ensures durability and long-lasting use
  • Two bench orientations — Has a flat and incline orientation for a complete workout without the hassle of a crowded gym
  • Contoured vinyl-wrapped bench top — Along with polyurethane foam-injected top, it offers comfortable use
  • Maximum weight capacity — This bench holds up to 1000 lbs. allowing you to exercise safely
  • Adjustable design — Eight inclining positions provide total versatility

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