Beats’ Powerbeats Pro once again dropped by $70

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Beats’ Powerbeats Pro once again dropped by $70
Powerbeats Pro (Image Credit: Beats/Apple)

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Amazon and Best Buy today reduced the price of Beats‘ Powerbeats Pro by $70, making this wireless earbud available for $180 for a limited time instead of $250. The Powerbeats Pro comes in five different color options, but you can only get three of them right now: Navy, Ivory, and Black, with the other two colors: Cloud Pink and Glacier Blue currently out of stock, but you can keep an eye on it at Amazon.

If you purchase Powerbeats Pro from Amazon, you will receive 6 months of free Apple Music access. Whereas Best Buy will only give you 4 months of Apple Music access, there are two other perks waiting for you: 3 months of free Apple TV+ content and 4 months of Apple News+.

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Powerbeats Pro is a wireless earphone manufactured by Beats by Dr. Dre, which is now managed by Apple (Apple acquired Beats by Dr. Dre in May 2014 for nearly $3 billion).

As we all know, the Powerbeats Pro has a powerful sound, and as part of the Apple company, it incorporates Apple technology and has better battery life, advanced functionality, reliable connectivity, an amazing fit via the iconic earhook design, and gorgeous quality. As a result, most music artists and professional sportsmen prefer Beats headphones or earphones when listening to hardcore music.

The sound was the most important consideration in the development of Powerbeats Pro. The earphone has been totally redesigned from the inside out, with an updated lumbar piston driver that uses an efficient, pressured airflow to produce a powerful acoustic response in a small container. The improved sound quality results in extremely low distortion and a wide dynamic range over the whole frequency spectrum.

They also provided a superb solution for comfort, foot, and stability, which is critical for Powerbeats Pro due to its direct impact on sound output. And to get the optimum sound experience, Beats incorporated over 20 variations, which were all evaluated in their labs, and from that came something new, ergonomically angled acoustic Hosting that nestles gently in the concha bowl of the ear with an off-axis nozzle.

Powerbeats Pro also has four different sizes of rear tops, as well as a revised, adjustable earhook, which has been an iconic component of the Powerbeats line since 2010. The Powerbeats Pro is 17 percent lighter than previous Powerbeats models, and its lightweight construction can withstand sweat and is water-resistant.

Powerbeats Pro is a fully functional, ambidextrous design with actual volume and track controls on both earbuds. That means you can control your music and phone conversations whether you use the left, right, or both earbuds.

When the earbuds are inserted in or taken from your ears, their long and short-range optical sensors activate automatic play or pause and call management. Powerbeats Pro also provides excellent voice performance during phone calls. Each earphone has a speech-detecting accelerometer and two beamforming microphones per side that target your voice while filtering out external sounds like wind and ambient noise.

Each Powerbeats Pro earbud can provide 9 hours of listening time and more than combined playback with the magnetic closure case. Furthermore, customers can get one and a half hours of listening time after only 5 minutes of charging time and four and a half hours of listening time after only 15 minutes of charging time.