Download Apple’s ‘Peek performance’ event inspired wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and Mac, big thanks to Basic Apple Guy & AR7

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Download Apple’s ‘Peek performance’ event inspired wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and Mac, big thanks to Basic Apple Guy
Courtesy: Basic Apple Guy

Apple officially announced the “Peek performance” event on March 2, 2022, which will take place on Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

As usual, the news invitation was well crafted. This invitation included a three-dimensional rendition of the Apple logo with highlighted colors. We have “Peek performance” wallpapers available for your devices if you need some quick motivation.

This design was soon contributed by the Twitter handlers @BasicAppleGuy and @AR7 (AR7 has created v1 and v2 for “Peek performance” wallpapers), a new staple addition to the background gallery.

The #000000 True Black background, inspired by the actual invitation, is ideal for OLED screen iPhones. Given the all-black background, that portion of your iPhone screen will truly switch off, leaving you with a perfect black with this stunning, multi-colored Apple logo.

We’ve included links to their Twitter feeds above so you may download the wallpaper from there as well as from our media gallery server here without compromising wallpaper quality.

According to reports, the event will contain new hardware, such Apple a new iPhone SE with 5G connectivity as well as updated internals and a physical factor comparable to the iPhone 12. Updated Mac PCs with Apple SOC may attend the ride.

Apple fanboys tend to hypothesize on the meaning of each event invitation, and this true black background could imply that the iPhone SE will transition to an OLED screen. Alternatively, the future iPad Air might have a miniLED panel with local dimming zones to replicate the all-black infinite contrast of OLED screens.

Regardless, the invitation is straightforward and entertaining. These Apple Peek performance wallpapers are a particularly exciting addition to your wallpaper collection because of the vibrant Apple logo.

We’d like to appreciate @BasicAppleGuy and @AR7 on Twitter for their prompt work on this, and if you like it, give them a follow on Twitter.

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