Apple skipping M2 chip update for iMac: analyst

Feb 12, 2023, 6:42 PM EST
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Apple Skipping M2 Chip Update for iMac: Analyst
2021 iMac with M1 chip. (Photo by N.Tho.Duc on Unsplash)

Apple fans hoping for a new iMac will have to wait a little longer as the tech giant is reportedly not launching a new 24-inch iMac until late 2023 at the earliest. According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple has no plans to update the iMac with the M2 chip but instead will wait to release a model with the M3 chip. This latest development is a major disappointment for iMac enthusiasts, especially considering that the last iMac was updated in April 2021.

In his newsletter, Mark Gurman emphasized his expectation that Apple will skip the M2 chip update and instead wait for the M3 chip. He wrote, “I haven’t seen anything to indicate there will be a new iMac until the M3 chip generation, which won’t arrive until the tail end of this year at the earliest or next year. So if you want to stick with the iMac, you’ll just have to sit tight.” The M3 chip is expected to be a major improvement over the M2 chip, as it is expected to be manufactured based on TSMC’s latest 3nm process, providing additional performance and power efficiency improvements.


Not only is the M3 chip expected to be used in a new iMac, but it is also rumored to be used in a new MacBook Air that is expected to launch in the second half of 2023. Furthermore, the M3 chip may also be used in future versions of the 13-inch MacBook Pro and the Mac mini. This is a clear indication that Apple is working on a major overhaul of its product line and that the M3 chip will be a critical component of these updates.

The last iMac update in April 2021 brought a new ultra-thin design that was available in seven colors, including green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver. It was also the first iMac to feature the M1 chip, making it a major milestone in Apple’s history. The new design was well received by fans, and it is now the only iMac available, as the Intel-based 27-inch iMac and iMac Pro were both discontinued within the past two years.


While it may be a while before we see a new iMac, Apple fans can take comfort in the knowledge that the company is working on a major update that promises to bring new features, improved performance, and a sleeker design. Mark Gurman has previously claimed that a larger iMac could return, but he did not share any new information about that possibility today. Regardless, it’s clear that Apple has big plans for the future of its iMac line, and fans will have to wait a little longer to see what the company has in store.

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