Kuo: Apple to Introduce OLED Display MacBook as Early as Next Year

Jan 11, 2023, 4:38 PM UTC
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Kuo: Apple to Introduce OLED Display MacBook as Early as Next Year
(Image Credit: Apple)

Apple is known for consistently pushing the boundaries of technology in its products, and it looks like the company’s next big step may be to introduce an OLED display in its MacBook lineup. According to supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple plans to release the first MacBook with an OLED display as early as next year.

OLED, or Organic Light-Emitting Diode, technology is considered to be a step up from traditional LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology, which is currently used in all existing MacBook models. OLED displays have several advantages over LCDs, including thinner and lighter designs, better contrast ratios, and longer battery life.

One of the main benefits of OLED technology is its self-emitting pixels, which do not require backlighting as LCDs do. This allows for better contrast ratios and deeper blacks, which can greatly enhance the viewing experience for users. Additionally, the lack of backlighting can also lead to longer battery life, as it requires less power to operate.

The move to OLED displays would align with Apple’s recent focus on design and portability, as well as the company’s desire to continue to innovate in the face of competition from other tech giants. This move will also be interesting to follow up on, as OLED displays have been known to be more difficult to manufacture and prone to burn-in issues, which Apple will have to address in the development of the display technology in their products.

The latest MacBook models, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro, feature mini-LED backlighting and ProMotion technology, which offers improved contrast and color accuracy. However, the adoption of OLED technology would take things to a whole new level, offering even better contrast and color accuracy, as well as improved power efficiency.

In his series of tweets, Kuo did not specify whether the OLED MacBook would be a Pro or Air model. However, last month, display industry analyst Ross Young said that Apple plans to introduce a new 13-inch MacBook Air with an OLED display in 2024 (via MacRumors). He also expects Apple to release new 11.1-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models with OLED displays next year. This suggests that the company is working towards transitioning both its Macs and iPads to OLED displays over the next few years.

The move towards OLED technology in the Mac and the iPad lineup would be a significant step forward for Apple and aligns with the company’s focus on design and portability. OLED technology also offers improved viewing experiences, with deeper blacks and better contrast ratios, as well as longer battery life. It will be interesting to see how Apple addresses the challenges associated with OLED displays, such as burn-in issues.

While OLED technology is expected to be adopted by Macs and iPads, the Apple Watch might move away from this technology. Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman today reported that a new Apple Watch Ultra with a microLED display could be released by the end of 2024. MicroLED technology offers even higher brightness and improved contrast ratio compared to existing Apple Watch models with OLED displays. This move would take the display technology on Apple watches to the next level, providing an enhanced viewing experience for users.

It appears that Apple is working to adopt OLED display technology in its Mac and iPad products over the next few years. While this move will bring significant improvements in design and viewing experiences, the company also seems to be exploring alternatives like MicroLED for the Apple Watch. As always, it will be exciting to see what new innovations Apple brings to the table in the coming years.

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