Apple Launches Dedicated Classical Music App for iPhone Users

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Apple Launches Dedicated Classical Music App for iPhone Users
(Image Credit: Apple)

Apple Music Classical will soon be available for classical music lovers who want to experience the richness of classical music on their smartphones. Apple announced the launch of this new app on March 28th, 2023. This dedicated app will cater to the needs of classical music enthusiasts by providing them with a unique and sophisticated listening experience.

The Apple Music Classical app is now available for pre-order on App Store, and it will be separate from the primary Apple Music app. The app will provide access to a vast catalog of classical music, including works by famous composers, conductors, orchestras, and performers. The app will also offer detailed information about composers, performers, and other aspects of classical music.

Users will need to have a $16.95 per month Apple One subscription or most Apple Music subscriptions (excluding the basic $4.99 per month Apple Music Voice tier) to access the Apple Music Classical app. This is a small price to pay for the kind of unique listening experience that this app promises to provide.


The Apple Music Classical app is a result of Apple’s acquisition of the classical music service, Primephonic, in August 2021. Primephonic was known for its innovative approach to classical music streaming, allowing users to search for music based on various criteria such as the orchestra that recorded it or the soloist who performed it.

One of the most remarkable features of Primephonic was its royalty model, which rewarded artists based on the amount of time their songs were played. This model ensured that artists received fair compensation for their work, regardless of whether their songs were short or long. Apple has not yet revealed how it plans to pay artists using the Apple Music Classical app, but it is expected that the service’s detailed metadata and royalty model will be integrated into the app.

The Apple Music Classical app will initially be available only on iPhones, but an Android version will be released soon. There is no information yet on whether the app will be available on iPads, macOS, or Windows.