Apple acquired Primephonic, a classical music streaming service

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Apple acquired Primephonic, a classical music streaming service

The California-based company Apple acquired Primephonic, a classical music streaming service where Apple will renew and offer an outstanding listening experience with search and browse functionality optimized for classical, premium-quality audio, handpicked expert recommendations, and extensive contextual details on repertoire and recordings.

Apple Music members will have a considerably better classical music experience with the inclusion of Primephonic, starting with Primephonic playlists and exclusive audio content.

Apple Music Classical listeners will soon have access to a specialized experience with Primephonic’s best features, including improved browsing and search capabilities by composer and repertoire, detailed displays of classical music metadata, and additional features and advantages.

Primephonic, on the other hand, is no longer accepting new subscribers and will be taken down on September 7. Primephonic said that to their customers they will get a refund back to the original payment method based on the days left on your subscription. Apple Music is planning to release a specialized classical music app next year, integrating Primephonic’s classical user interface with additional capabilities.

In the meantime, current Primephonic subscribers will receive a free six-month subscription to Apple Music, which will give them access to hundreds of thousands of classical albums in Lossless and high-resolution audio, as well as hundreds of classical albums in Apple Music’s Spatial Audio, with new albums being added on a regular basis.