Rumor: M3 MacBook Pros and a 30+ inch iMac coming soon

Jun 26, 2023, 3:34 PM UTC
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Rumor: M3 MacBook Pros and a 30+ inch iMac coming soon
(Image credit: Apple)

M3 MacBook Pros of all sizes have emerged as exciting additions to Apple‘s new 2024 product roadmap, as recently shared by renowned Bloomberg contributor Mark Gurman. In the aftermath of WWDC 2023, Gurman has compiled an extensive list of forthcoming Apple products, suggesting that the tech giant may not roll out significant updates to its “conventional” portfolio until early 2024.

Among the eagerly anticipated releases is a new iMac boasting a generously sized screen exceeding 30 inches. This fresh addition to Apple’s lineup could inject new vitality into its desktop range, mainly if it manages to maintain the sleek and slender form factor of its smaller 24-inch counterpart.

Interestingly, the larger iMac model has yet to receive a rumored “codename” in this recent leak, setting it apart from the 2024 iMac 24s now identified as J433 and J434. Additionally, the leak suggests that Apple might introduce the J514 and J516 models, likely representing upgraded versions of the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros respectively, equipped with the M3 Pro and M3 Max chipsets.

In the lineup of future releases, Apple may also include the J504, which is speculated to be the “M3 13-inch MacBook Pro,” making its debut next year. Furthermore, rumors point to the arrival of the J717 and J720 models, potentially indicating the introduction of OLED iPad Pros, as well as the J507, which hints at a new iteration of the iPad Air.

Before the arrival of these exciting products, Apple is expected to unveil the Watch “Series 9” in two different sizes, labeled N207 and N208, alongside an updated Watch Ultra (N210), all within the launch window of the iPhone 15 series during the fall of 2023.

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