Kuo: Apple increasing iPhone 14 Pro production due to high demand

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Kuo: Apple increasing iPhone 14 Pro production due to high demand
iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max (Image Credit: Apple Inc.)

The iPhone 14 series made its debut at Apple’s “Far out” event on September 7, 2022. There are four versions in the series—two with entry-level features and two with high-end specs—but only three are presently available for purchase while the iPhone 14 Plus won’t begin shipping until October 7.

The demand for the iPhone 14 Pro seems to be the biggest among these versions. According to recent sales data, there is a huge demand from customers for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models, and Apple is trying to boost production.

According to AppleInsider, JP Morgan‘s Apple Product Availability Tracker suggests that while the iPhone 14 Pro model has a longer delivery time, the standard iPhone 14 version has a relatively fast delivery time.

According to a survey conducted in several different countries, the average delivery time for the iPhone 14 is three days, compared to 35 days and 41 days for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, respectively.

Additionally, Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, noted that the iPhone 14 Pro is the most popular of the three iPhone 14 models that are now available (via MacRumors). Also, he revealed that Apple has requested Foxconn switch the production of the iPhone 14 from the standard model to the iPhone 14 Pro.

He tweeted, “Due to strong demand for the iPhone 14 Pro models, my latest survey indicates that Apple has asked Hon Hai to switch the production lines of the iPhone 14 to the iPhone 14 Pro models, which will help improve Apple’s product mix/iPhone ASP in 4Q22.”

On the basis of the manufacturing line conversion rate, Kuo also stated that Apple will increase the shipment forecast for the iPhone 14 Pro models in 4Q22 by roughly 10%.

He wrote, “Only a few component suppliers’ order changes currently reflect Hon Hai’s production line conversion (e.g., Samsung Display).” “I expect that most of the suppliers should also receive order increase requests for iPhone 14 Pro models from Apple in the next few weeks,” he added.