Is Wireless Charging Obsolete? Redmi’s 300W Wired Charger Breaks Record

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Redmi's Note 12 Pro+ Charges Fully in Five Minutes with Cable
(Image Credit: Xiaomi)

Low battery warnings on smartphones are a common source of stress for many people. However, thanks to fierce competition between Chinese phone makers, fast charging technology is rapidly improving, making those battery woes a thing of the past. The latest world record for fast charging comes from Xiaomi and its subsidiary, Redmi. In a recent Weibo post, Redmi showcased its Note 12 Pro+ charging at a jaw-dropping 300W HyperCharge at MWC 2023, achieving a full charge in less than five minutes. This incredible speed makes it the world’s fastest-charging phone ever.

Xiaomi also introduced its 300W HyperCharge feature at MWC23, further proving the absurd speeds demonstrated in the Redmi demo. This is the fastest wired charging seen so far, boasting the most powerful wattage yet. A previous benchmark was set by Realme’s GT Neo, which charged in nine minutes using 240W wired charging. However, Redmi’s latest breakthrough demonstrates that its last milestone of 210W fast charging on its Note 12 Discovery Edition was only a stepping stone towards even faster wired charging speeds.


In Redmi’s demo, the 300W charging can take its Note 12 Pro+ with a 4,100 mAh battery from 0 to 100 percent in under five minutes. If you’re in a hurry, the smartphone hits 50 percent in less than three minutes. Redmi also measured the charger’s output, which reaches as high as 290W at its peak and maintains a supply of 280W for up to two minutes.

While these fast charging speeds are impressive, they may be overkill. Redmi and Xiaomi are in competition with other Chinese phone makers like Realme, OnePlus, and Vivo in a non-stop arms race to offer the fastest wired charging.

So, what about wireless charging? Well, all these record-breaking speeds for wired charging have made wireless charging feel relatively slow in comparison, as it tops out at 100W with Honor’s Magic 4 Pro. Wireless charging was once touted as the technology that would make wired charging obsolete, but it seems the opposite may be true. With how fast wired charging is getting these days, the convenience of wireless charging is lost on the consumer. After all, you would barely have to spend any time with your phone plugged in.


As the ceiling for fast charging keeps rising, it is hoped that it may also bring up the floor of fast chargers. It’s not too far-fetched to see people seeking out faster wired charging speeds after they hear about such absurdly fast charge times at the top. However, it’s worth noting that we don’t know the future implications of this ultra-fast charging, particularly what it does to long-term battery health and charge cycles.

Despite the excitement surrounding sub-five-minute charging times for smartphones, Xiaomi and Redmi have yet to reveal if their 300W fast charging will be available to consumers. Furthermore, Xiaomi’s smartphones are not sold in the U.S. However, Apple and Samsung could take note of the latest developments in fast charging technology and potentially develop their own ultra-fast charging solutions.