Western Digital unveils affordable Xbox expandable storage options

Jun 6, 2023, 7:28 PM UTC
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Western Digital unveils affordable Xbox expandable storage options
(Image credit: Western Digital)

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Western Digital today made a significant announcement that will surely shake up the Xbox expandable storage card market. In a move that introduces some much-needed competition, Western Digital has unveiled its very own expandable storage cards for Xbox Series X and S consoles. This marks the first time we are seeing storage options for Xbox consoles that are not exclusively manufactured by Seagate, the previous sole provider. Western Digital’s expansion cards are available in two variants: a 512GB model priced at $79.99 and a 1TB version priced at $149.99.

When news of Western Digital’s entry into the market broke earlier this year, many gamers were hopeful that it would lead to a significant drop in prices for Xbox expandable storage cards. Initially, the announced prices seemed like a breath of fresh air. However, it appears that Seagate quickly caught wind of the competition and adjusted its pricing accordingly. The 512GB Seagate card is now available for $89.99, only $10 more than Western Digital’s offering, while the 1TB cards remain at the same retail price of $149.99.

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Regardless of the minor price differences, the introduction of an additional manufacturer for Xbox expandable storage is undoubtedly a welcome development. Until now, Seagate held a monopoly in this market, resulting in stubbornly high prices. The original 1TB cards from Seagate were priced at a staggering $219.99, leaving many consumers searching for more affordable alternatives. Even though Western Digital’s 1TB card is still relatively expensive at $149.99, it is important to note that one can easily find 1TB PCIe Gen 4 drives for under $100. Consequently, the pricing of Xbox expandable storage remains a topic of discussion among gamers.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft deliberately chose to implement proprietary storage solutions for its Xbox Series X and S consoles. While this decision offers a consumer-friendly approach to expanding storage, it also leads to higher costs for users. On the other hand, Sony took a different route with the PlayStation 5, allowing owners to use standard M.2 2280 drives, including various Gen 4 options already available in the market.

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