Save up to 83% on CyberGhost VPN and get 2 months of free

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Save up to 83% on CyberGhost VPN and get 2 months of free

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Now you can still save up to 83% on CyberGhost VPN which now comes with additional 2 months free on two years plan which starts at just $2.25 per month or $58.50 for the first 2 years.

CyberGhost is a utility tool that masks your IP address and redirects your internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel by choosing any server over 7400 servers from more than 91 countries. This way, you can keep your digital identity safe from prying eyes like your ISP, government agencies, and snoopers. CyberGhost VPN also has AES 256-bit encryption and helps you stay safe on public Wi-Fi networks and secure your online transactions.

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