Stock photography platform Unsplash launches “Unsplash+,” a new unlimited subscription with legal protection for commercial use

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Stock photography platform Unsplash launches “Unsplash+,” a new unlimited subscription with legal protection for commercial use
(Image Courtesy: Unsplash)

Unsplash, the world’s leading free image platform for creators, has announced the launch of Unsplash+, an unlimited subscription that provides access to an exclusive high-quality image library as well as expanded legal protections for commercial use.

In addition to the existing free Unsplash library of 4.2 million images, the Unsplash+ subscription offers creatives an expanded service that includes exclusive imagery commissioned from the Unsplash community exclusively for Unsplash+ and content from the Getty Images historical archive.

Unsplash search data will be used to identify areas of demand, and new imagery from the Unsplash contributor community will be commissioned. Unsplash+ subscribers are protected against model and location release, giving them additional legal protection for use in commercial applications.

Mikael Cho, CEO and co-founder of Unsplash stated, “Unsplash is, and always will be at its heart a free visual content site. We are immensely proud of the community and content. Unsplash+ is designed to cater to the needs of our creators who require access to more specific content and expanded commercial protections at a minimal cost.”

He continued: “As a destination for many of the world’s creators, Unsplash has the unique advantage to offer even greater value to the expanding creative community. Unsplash+ will also provide new opportunities for our community to monetize their skills in delivering commissioned content to be available exclusively for Unsplash+.”

Unsplash is one of the world’s largest free visual content sites, with over 4 billion downloads per year, and plans to add another billion by 2022, having built a strong community around its quality curated imagery within the creative longtail. Subscribers to Unsplash+ can:

  • Create without limits: Unlimited access to custom high-quality Unsplash+ images created and curated by Unsplash to supercharge your creativity.
  • Create with confidence: All Unsplash+ images are model and property released for use in any commercial project and are backed by Unsplash+ protections.
  • Create with a community: Unsplash+ includes unique imagery from the talented Unsplash community commissioned specifically for Unsplash+ with new works regularly commissioned in support of bringing in talent to Unsplash in a fuller and deeper way.

Unsplash+ will be available in English, Spanish, and Japanese, with introductory pricing of $8/month (regularly $12/month) and an annual price of $48 (regularly $144/year). The subscription includes unlimited access to all content with no additional restrictions or usage limits.

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