Twitter raised the price bar of its Twitter Blue subscription by $2

Jul 30, 2022, 6:11 PM EDT
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Twitter raised the price bar of its Twitter Blue subscription by $2
(Image Credit: Twitter)

Back in June 2021, Twitter officially launched its first-ever paid service called Twitter Blue subscription in Australia and Canada, later it expanded to the USA and New Zealand and will be adding more countries to this list in the future.

Twitter Blue is an exclusive feature that undoes the sent tweet (under 30 seconds), customizable navigation to the app screen (at the bottom) and fun color themes for their Twitter app, and will have access to dedicated subscription customer support, early access to new features, pinned conversation as well as ad-free article via reader mode.


And a year later, Twitter now increased the price of its Twitter Blue subscription by $2, the new price is $4.99 per month up from $2.99 per month.

9to5mac noted that the latest version of the Twitter app for iOS started charging $4.99 per month for a Twitter Blue subscription while the active member of Twitter Blue subscription will continue at $2.99 per month till October 2022, after that, they also pay new pricing of Twitter Blue subscription which is $4.99 month (if they wanted to continue their Twitter Blue subscription).

The main reason behind the Twitter Blue subscription increase is, that the social giant continues to build new features that users have been asking for.


Besides that, Twitter also facing some internal issues since Elon Musk announced to buy Twitter at $44 billion, however, Musk later decided to not buy the social giant, which caused Twitter to lose money as well as a number of employees.

Recently, Twitter sued Elon Musk for walking away from his $44 billion deal to acquire the U.S. social media company but could opt for a renegotiation or settlement instead of a long court fight, according to legal experts.

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