Transforming Your SaaS Business Into A Mobile App | Why Mobile Apps Matter For SaaS Companies

Dec 9, 2021, 11:17 AM EST
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Transforming Your SaaS Business Into A Mobile App | Why Mobile Apps Matter For SaaS Companies

The emergence of SaaS apps has taken over the business sector. Be it small or large scale, you can see the craze for SaaS app development. What makes the SaaS model popular? It is the only model that does not require companies to buy or integrate it. Opting for a SaaS-based solution means you can use the software on any device without the need of installing, anytime you wish. If you want to launch a SaaS software or app for your business, it is the best time to do this with the best SaaS application development company. An expert holds the right expertise to do this and has the potential to take your SaaS business to the next level.

Suppose you go with the SaaS model to develop a business-centric mobile app. In that case, you can enjoy several benefits – lower costs, easy maintenance, and no worrying about system updates. All of these reasons have created a massive demand for SaaS app development. This post will give you insights on how to start a mobile SaaS business with a robust app.

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Why Are Businesses Turning To SaaS App Development?

SaaS application development indeed has a huge potential to drive business success. But many businesses are still in a dilemma of whether SaaS is the right fit for them or not? That’s why we are mentioning some of the specific reasons that make the SaaS model the right option for your business.

Budget-friendly Option: Developing a SaaS app for your business is the most cost-effective solution. This restricts developers from purchasing lots of hardware and other resources. It simply works on a subscription basis with no huge upfront costs, including maintenance and upgrades costs. One only needs to pay for what they use, letting you scale up your business.


Ease of Access: Accessibility is another important factor in developing a SaaS app solution. Such an app solution is easy to access, and one only needs a browser and internet connectivity. As a result, your SaaS software solution becomes accessible from a wide range of devices. Accessibility is important for users looking for more productivity and flexibility in the business space.

Greater Flexibility: Entrepreneurs simply can’t stick to outdated trends. Mobile apps are a great tool for marketers to stand out from their competitors. If your SaaS company has a mobile app, you will likely provide smoother and faster end-user services. Building a SaaS app is not a one-time solution; regular upgrades are necessary to fulfill customer expectations.

Gain Competitive Advantage: You can see several SaaS agencies that have still not turned into mobile. The mobile space is still very beneficial for SaaS brands to gain a competitive advantage. This gives rise to golden opportunities for businesses just about to start a Software as a service business. The SaaS business would automatically gain a higher user base and competitive advantage by getting business on mobile.

Deliver Convenience in a Big Way: If you are at the point of building a mobile SaaS app, you need to understand its benefits properly. It is a fact that mobile apps are so easy to maintain and update and don’t require any maintenance charges, which is yet another benefit. With more and more SaaS businesses realizing the need for reliable service delivery, the demand for mobile SaaS app development is increasing. People usually look for convenience, and mobile apps deliver that in the most reliable way.


Which Type Of Mobile App Will Suit Sell With SaaS Firms – Native/Hybrid/Web

There is no exact answer for whether to go with native, hybrid, or web solutions. All these types of solutions come with their own advantages. To pick the ideal platform, you need to know the difference among three of these:

Native Application: Such an app type is recommended due to its superior quality and performance. The idea behind getting a native app is that it is easily downloadable through the Play Store and App Store.

Hybrid Application: A hybrid app is a mix of native and web apps. Such an app appears as a native app, but they are a web app that comprises the native UI elements allowing them to interact with device functionalities.

Web Application: It is a kind of mobile app that users can access through the web. Since it is a standalone app, its availability is not on all the stores to download and requires internet connectivity to function independently.


Blunders To Avoid When Planning To Transform Your SaaS Business Into An App

When it comes to SaaS app development, it is important to understand the actions of SaaS users and make sure that your mobile app is prepared well for them. When you build a mobile app for your SaaS business with this aim in mind, you will automatically come one step closer to becoming a hit. So what other things do you need to keep in mind to ensure your business is performing best in front of mobile users.

Responsiveness Is Enough To Turn Your SaaS Business Mobile

Most SaaS-based businesses believe that building responsive websites for users is enough to meet the ever-ending demands of users. But is it true? No. You have to give users a mobile-centric experience along with great accessibility and speed when it comes to developing a mobile app.

Making a Start With Unplanned Mobile SaaS App Development

Businesses with a strong desktop user base will likely take mobile counterparts unseriously. As a result, they invest in poor SaaS app development. An unplanned mobile app development put the SaaS product at risk. So, SaaS businesses need to get the app developed from the top-rated SaaS app development company to understand which events should be attended by the mobile app or which should be restricted to the desktop version.


The Overall Cost Of Getting A Mobile App For Your SaaS Business

A powerful SaaS mobile app can be crafted with the help of a SaaS mobile app development company. The most cost-effective way to build SaaS apps for your SaaS business is to choose a local company. The cost of Mobile SaaS application development can be breakdown into the following elements:

  • The costing and development cost
  • The cost of integration of systems
  • The testing cost
  • The Alpha and Beta testing cost
  • The Marketing and Release cost

In the development of the SaaS application, the cost that you might be ready to pay would be somewhere around $50k.

Final Thoughts!

SaaS businesses are now stepping towards adopting mobile app development for several reasons. It’s time for you to give customers an app that meets the standards of devices with high-performing design and performance. Now that you are well aware of the mobile SaaS market, what to avoid, and what to consider, the cost, you need to get in touch with the best SaaS application development company on the next. So what are you waiting for? Kick-start your SaaS journey and make your SaaS mobile app a hit in the market.

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