How to develop successful mobile app designs with functionality

Dec 8, 2021, 7:13 PM EST
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All of us have gone through good and bad mobile app experiences. One doesn’t need to be an IT professional to judge a mobile application that is functional and serves the right purpose. There are thousands of apps that developers make every day. But not every app gets that attention and downloading rate that it needs. None of us keeps our phones stuffed with apps that are slow and act poorly in functions.

Whatever features an application has it isn’t successful until it gets the users’ experience right at the top. It is all the way necessary to keep them simple, clean, arranged, attractive, and functional. They should also be smooth and have easy-to-understand language and navigation.

Essential features to Develop Successful Mobile App Designs

With the different attributes and requirements of the clients, an app must be friendly and potential enough to sustain a place on users’ phones. You not only need to work out the appearance of an app but should consider the purpose, adaptability, usability, preference, and performance on different platforms.

Design an application that is attractive to downloaded and easy to use.

Here are some essentials to make a mobile app design a success.


UI/UX Designs

The better way to go for a UI design is to think about what your application is all about. Setting the right theme with the color and images fulfills the purpose. Choose to be clean and minimalist while arranging the layout with icons and texts. Be more creative with text styles and fonts. Use simple language and easy tap options to bring on the Users’ experience with your product.

Minimalist approach

Utilizing the screen space properly is intelligent enough but making the most of it is smarter. Today the ambiance on the screen and the layout are kept minimal i-e, it doesn’t require much text on the screen. It helps fast loading and gives stylish looks. No unnecessary details make it easy to emphasize on call to action.

Most applications are preferred with minimum text and easy navigation. Choose the menu style that fits best with the other elements on the screen. Using unnecessarily broad menus simply costs you wasting space that could work in other fruitful ways. Use words that relate and let them guide the user where they possibly want to get.



The mobile app design that can fit all screen sizes is the ultimate winner among other applications nowadays. The feasibility to use the application on any screen is heavily in demand. Most of the gaming, simulations, and commercial apps are made with this feature that is easily accessible and appreciated by the users.

Frictionless control

An application that freezes or takes longer to work is very often kicked out of the users’ mobile phones. It gets poor reviews and that ends up resting in the app store. Keep the layout of the app light by distributing the tasks among the navigation menu.

Try to make an app that is smooth in transitions and provides the availability of features swiftly. A frictionless app provides better control over navigation and performance.

Easy to Understand Language Using Familiar Words

Use language that is common and people are familiar with it in general. Avoid using words that are understood in a different context and can misguide. Using a scholarly approach to language may upset the insight of the user and they can feel it a burden to get along. Use words that are relatable to the theme and purpose of the application.



The trendiest approach to modern app development is personalizing it. Keep options to customize as per the users’ needs. The app that provides the true sense of personalization stays longer on people’s mobile phones.

Cross-Platform Adaptability

Make apps more valuable by developing them cross-platform. It should be efficient enough to be functional on android, iOS, and Windows platforms. This makes it accessible to different types of users according to the operating system they use. Cross-platform efficiency saves money for developing the app on different platforms.

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