Save 50% on TorGuard VPN and get Free Private Email Pro plan at no cost

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Torguard VPN with free private email pro plan

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TorGuard VPN offers 50% off on their 1-year plan with a free Private Email Pro plan for 1 year from TorGuard VPN at no extra cost for a very limited time only.

To get these benefits, you must visit the TorGuard website and click the “Get TorGuard Now” button and then select “VPN + PrivateMail Bundle” from the chosen product group there you will get two options which are “Anonymous VPN + Email Standard Bundle” and the other is “Anonymous VPN Pro + Email Pro Bundle,” just select the “Anonymous VPN Pro + Email Pro Bundle” plan and enter the promo code: iwillnotbepwned at the promo code box during checkout to avail this offer.

If you don’t want a bundle but just want to purchase only TorGuard VPN, Anonymous Proxy, or Anonymous Webmail, simply visit the TorGuard website and click the “Get TorGuard Now” button simply enter the promo code GadgetBond or GadgetBond50 at the promo code box during the checkout to get a 50% off for life discount.

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TorGuard VPN helps you to access your favorite content with unlimited speeds and unlimited bandwidth by keeping your connection encrypted via AES 256-bit encryption protocol. While the TorGuard Anonymous Email uses powerful OpenPGP encryption to keep you protected from third-parties attackers.

The effectiveness of security is only as good as its weakest connection. You’re still putting your personal information at risk when you utilize a VPN without private email. Your email account can be hacked from any location. Your email provider may be spying on you on some occasions.

When you use TorGuard VPN in combination with PrivateMail’s email and secure file storage service, you are protected on all fronts. Nobody else’s business is your personal information, browsing history, or private communications. This doesn’t stop restrictions or suspicious tech corporations from collecting data on you without your permission. With TorGuard and PrivateMail, they can’t.

TorGuard VPN is the best way to be anonymous and safe online. Everything you do with TorGuard VPN is protected from malicious actors, inquisitive internet service providers, and government censorship restrictions. You may use TorGuard VPN to get around region restrictions on your favorite streaming services, pay bills and manage your finances privately, and access sensitive medical or legal information.

Features of TorGuard VPN

  • Unlimited Speeds
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 3000+ Servers in 50+ Countries
  • Up to x12 Simultaneous Connections
  • Shadowsocks Built-In
  • Internal Encrypted DNS
  • Port Forwarding
  • Dedicated IP’s
  • Double Protection
  • Access Anywhere
  • Fast 24/7/365 Support
  • No Logs, No Leaks, 100% Private
  • Supports All OS and Devices
  • SSL VPN via OpenVPN
  • SSL VPN via WireGuard
  • SSL VPN via OpenConnect
  • SSL Proxy via Browser Extensions
  • Break Through Firewalls
  • Secure Wifi Access
  • Privacy on the Go
  • Bypass Throttling
  • OpenVPN Obfuscation
  • Advertisement Blocking
  • Malware Blocking
  • Excellent Mobile Apps
  • Security Focused Desktop Apps

Secure browsing is crucial, but an unprotected mailbox exposes you to far too many risks. Use an email service that can’t read, filter, or flag your messages. To keep your online discussions secret, use PrivateMail. PrivateMail is a secure email service that keeps creepy tech behemoths out of your inbox.

Have you ever noticed that your current email provider shows you tailored advertisements, filters your emails for you, and generates one-click responses? It may appear to be a convenient and personalized experience, but they can only provide it by spying on you. Artificial intelligence is used to read your emails. This is the cost of ease.

When your email provider is the one who is violating your privacy, it doesn’t matter how strong your password is or how often you change it. To keep your personal information out of the wrong hands, you must transfer providers. How much do you trust a massive tech business that monitors your every move?

Features of TorGuard Private Email

  • x20 Email Aliases
  • 20GB Encrypted Email Storage
  • 20GB Encrypted Cloud Storage
  • SecureShare File Sharing Feature
  • OpenPGP Email Encryption
  • Self Destructing Email
  • AES256 File Encryption
  • Web/Android/iOS/Desktop Apps
  • Media Streaming
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Scheduled Send
  • Contacts/Calendar/Sync
  • Priority Support