Save 50% on TorGuard VPN and get a free Private Email Pro plan at no cost

Jul 6, 2021, 3:45 PM EDT
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Save 50% on TorGuard VPN and get a free Private Email Pro plan at no cost
(Image credit: TorGuard)

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In an age where online privacy and security are of paramount importance, TorGuard VPN offers a comprehensive solution to safeguard your digital presence. With their limited-time offer of a 50% discount on their 1-year plan and a free Private Email Pro plan for 1 year, TorGuard VPN is empowering users to take control of their online privacy like never before.

For a limited time, TorGuard VPN is providing a remarkable opportunity to save 50% on their 1-year plan, while also enjoying a free Private Email Pro plan for a year. To avail yourself of these exclusive benefits, simply visit the TorGuard website and click the “Get TorGuard Now” button. From the available product options, select the “VPN + PrivateMail Bundle.” Within this bundle, you will find two options: the “Anonymous VPN + Email Standard Bundle” and the “Anonymous VPN Pro + Email Pro Bundle.” Opt for the latter and during the checkout process, enter the promo code: iwillnotbepwned to take advantage of this offer.


If you are interested in acquiring TorGuard VPN, Anonymous Proxy, or Anonymous Webmail without the bundle, the process is equally straightforward. By visiting the TorGuard website and clicking the “Get TorGuard Now” button, you can apply the promo code GadgetBond or GadgetBond50 at the checkout to receive a 50% lifetime discount.

TorGuard VPN provides users with a robust shield for their online activities, ensuring access to their favorite content at unlimited speeds and bandwidth. By employing AES 256-bit encryption, TorGuard VPN secures your connection and shields your sensitive information from prying eyes. With this powerful encryption protocol, your online presence remains anonymous, protecting you from malicious actors, invasive internet service providers, and government-imposed censorship restrictions.

While TorGuard VPN safeguards your online activities, incorporating PrivateMail’s secure email service takes your privacy protection to the next level. Email accounts can be vulnerable to hacking attempts from anywhere, leaving your personal information at risk. In some instances, email providers may even engage in unwarranted surveillance. By utilizing TorGuard VPN in conjunction with PrivateMail’s email and secure file storage service, you fortify your digital security across all fronts. Your personal information, browsing history, and private communications become nobody else’s business. Furthermore, this added layer of protection thwarts data collection attempts by tech corporations without your consent.


By utilizing TorGuard VPN and PrivateMail, you can enjoy unparalleled online anonymity and safety. Whether you aim to bypass regional restrictions on streaming platforms, handle financial transactions privately, or access sensitive medical and legal information securely, TorGuard VPN provides a comprehensive solution. With unlimited possibilities, you can take control of your digital footprint and regain peace of mind.

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