This Tempo Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack is now $755 off for today, plus additional accessories worth $350+

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This Tempo Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack is now $755 off for today, plus additional accessories worth $350+
Tempo Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack [Image credit: Best Buy]

The Tempo – Starter + Expanded Accessory Pack, which is exclusively available at Best Buy, is now only $1,994.99, down from $2,749.99, a savings of $755. It’s available in Dark and White color options, but the White color option is currently at a regular price which is $2,749.99, so we recommend getting the Dark one for you, and it won’t take up any extra space in your home.

All of the Tempo Starter Pack accessories were included, as well as an additional $350 worth of premium Tempo equipment, including a 25-pound stainless steel and chrome Olympic-grade barbell with a 300-pound capacity and two extra collars, a wireless heart rate monitor and charger, and a high-density recovery roller.


You will get the following items when you order:

  • 2x 7.5-lb Dumbbells
  • 1x 25-lb Barbell
  • 6x Collars
  • 4x 10-lb Plates
  • 4x 5-lb Plates
  • 4x 2.5-lb Plates
  • 4x 1.25-lb Plates
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Workout Mat
  • Recovery Roller

Tempo combines 3D Vision and AI to track and record personal parameters, such as form correction, rep targeting, intensity adjustment, and progress tracking, to help you progress safely through each workout.

The 3D Tempo Vision scans your form and provides real-time feedback so you can make corrections and safely move toward your goals. 3D Tempo Vision counts every rep in real-time and determines the ideal pace for your workout so you can concentrate on your form and advance fast and securely.

Additionally, the AI-powered weight guidance advises you when you’re ready to lift heavier weights, allowing you to safely increase strength without sacrificing form. Their supporting community celebrates your achievements and how far you’ve come, while the Tempo Studio helps you understand your strength and advance toward your goals.


You can specify your goals, and Tempo will suggest workouts to help you achieve them. Hundreds of live and on-demand classes, including strength training, mobility, HIIT, and more, are available through Tempo. Their interactive workouts are created with fitness science and data in mind to assist you in making improvements.

This limited-edition Best Buy edition includes the free-standing Tempo Studio with a 42-inch HD touchscreen display, as well as $350 in accessories, including a 25-pound Olympic-grade barbell and two collars, a wireless heart rate monitor and charger, and a high-density recovery roller.

Their professional trainers serve as motivators, guiding you through each workout. You’ll benefit from real-time form feedback in both live and on-demand exercises thanks to a powerful combination of actual coaching and our smart technology.


The Tempo Membership includes six accounts. For $39/mo, your membership gets you and everyone in your household a personal account with access to hundreds of classes. New workouts, group sessions, and tailored training programs are added daily.

Through its key feature, My Plan, the Tempo mobile app (which is basically free with membership) organizes a weekly series of workouts intended to match your goals. The app is personalized to your schedule, with lessons on your chosen days and track progress, so all you have to do is show up.

[Tempo mobile app download link: for Android get here and iOS here]


They also included Apple Watch integration, allowing you to utilize your Apple Watch instead of our heart rate monitor during class, pause and unpause class via the Watch rather than tapping the Tempo screen, and track your activity rings after each workout.

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