The rugged Apple Watch Ultra is now $200 off with qualified trade-in

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The rugged Apple Watch Ultra is now $200 off with qualified trade-in
Apple Watch Ultra (Courtesy of Apple Inc.)

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The highest version of the Apple Watch called “Apple Watch Ultra” is now on sale just after it went on pre-order. Apple and some other third-party retailers are taking pre-orders for the new Apple Watch Ultra which was unveiled at Apple’s “Far out” event on Sept. 7th, 2022. However, the shipping of the new Watch Ultra will be starting on September 23, 2022, but online retailers like Best Buy (US retailer) offer huge discounts of up to $200 off with a qualified trade-in.

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According to the Best Buy website, you can save up to $200 with a trade-in of the Apple Watch Series 7. They added that the watch must be turned on to be considered working and that the trade-in value will vary. Also, they will not be considering if the device is water-damaged devices and devices with cracked screens of this offer.

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