Tello Mobile launched 12 Days of Savings offer in which you’ll get 5GB for $10

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Tello Mobile launched 12 Days of Savings offer in which you'll get 5GB for $10
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What’s the offer — Tello Mobile has just introduced 12 Days of Savings, a deal for people who need to resuscitate their budgets: 5GB + unlimited call and text for only $10 till December 16th.

Over the past few years, Christmas shopping has evolved into Christmas hunting. While some individuals find it amusing to dash around buying gifts, most people find it exhausting and extravagant when they discover the overall cost.

If you’ve opted to buy a practical gift online, such as a small phone plan, the best approach to preserve the good old Christmas traditions while staying within your budget is to take advantage of the finest wireless deal available in December. And that’s Tello Mobile, which is regularly less expensive than other carriers while also being quite versatile when it comes to tailoring your own plan to your specific needs.

It’s time to start counting your blessings and also check your wallets or bank accounts to see if they’re breathing because they’re under a lot of pressure these days. Tello Mobile has launched a new promotion dubbed 12 days of savings for individuals who need to resuscitate their budgets.

Tello welcomes new customers and existing customers who add a new line to their account with a generous offer: 5GB plan for only $10 instead of the normal $19/month. This deal is only valid for the first month of use; after that, users will be charged the usual monthly amount.

Tello Mobile launched 12 Days of Savings offer in which you'll get 5GB for $10

Tello Mobile is bringing holiday pleasure from December 5 to December 16, exactly when customers need extra space for brighter gifts. The deal is good for both early and late shoppers, and it’s so fantastic that you can afford to add a few new names to your Christmas shopping list.

Tello Mobile’s benefits

  • Free International calls & texts to 60+ countries
  • Free mobile hotspot
  • Wi-Fi Calling
  • Free Shipping
  • Free upgrade/downgrade or adding an extra line
  • Bring your own device & keep your number options