Telegram brings more powerful tools to its app in December 2021 update

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Telegram brings more powerful tools to its app in December 2021 update
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The latest Telegram app update (version 8.3) in December 2021 bring more powerful tools, including the ability to prevent others from saving content in groups and channel features called ‘Protected Content,’ and the ability to delete messages from specific dates, new device management that manage your Telegram on all connected devices at the same time, and one of the brand new login features via call, and many more features you can find in this article.

Telegram brings more powerful tools to its app in December 2021 update

Starting with the new first one is ‘Protected Content’ in Telegram groups and channels. This Protected Content feature help creators protect the content they publish on Telegram which can be accessible to preferred audiences like members-only. Groups and Channels owners are now able to keep their content members-only can restrict message forwarding from their chat, which also prevents screenshots and limit the ability to save media from posts.

To enable this option, open the Group or Channel info page and then choose Group or Channel Type and enable Restrict Content.

Restrict saving content in Telegram

Telegram users now have the ability to delete any messages or chat history from a specific day or date range in any chats. To do this, tap on the date bar (chat date) and choose which days to clear the chat. Telegram says, clearing history by date currently only works in one-on-one chats, but messages in any chat can be set to auto-delete one day, week, or month after sending.

Another feature is managing connected devices. Telegram now allows users to manage their all connected devices at the same time and the Devices menu helps you control where your account is logged in. Telegram also added a new button to quickly link a desktop device and a setting to automatically log out inactive devices after some time.

The Telegram version 8.3 or later now allows you to log in via call that asks you to enter some last digit of the phone number that called instead of getting codes via text message. This means when logging in and receiving a call from the Telegram service, just remember the last digits of that phone number which you going to enter during the login to complete your login.

Telegram also introduces responses to join requests. When you request to join a group or channel and its admin responds with a message, you will see which community they are from at the top of the chat. Now, bot admins can contact users requesting to join a chat where they are an admin — even if the user didn’t communicate with the bot before.

In September 2021, Telegram added 8 new themes to its entire app for iOS that you could set for individual chats, now all themes are available to Android devices. The new themes offered day and night mode, colorful animated background, and gradient message bubbles. You can also personalize these designs with a few tweaks of your own choice like colors and patterns.

Telegram enables Text Recognition (Live Text) for iOS 13 or later devices for photos in Telegram chats, this helps you quickly select, copy, and search without touching your keyboard. Telegram also introduces bold, italics, and strikethrough to media captions and text links as well. Telegram also redesigned contact info on iOS platforms, contacts, groups, and channels also updated info pages with a new look in the style of iOS 15.