Sleepon’s Go2Sleep returned at a $100 deal (Plus, Go2Sleep SE at $110)

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Sleepon's Go2Sleep returned at a $100 deal (Plus, Go2Sleep SE at $110)
Go2Sleep sleep tracking device. (Image Credit: Sleepon)

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One of our favorite advanced sleep trackers with a Heart Rate monitoring device is now on sale. The regular version of Go2Sleep is now $100 instead of $130, and the SE version (which has a fingertip option for those who prefer this over the ring style and works with the same advanced software as Go2sleep) is now $110 instead of $159, saving you $30 on Go2Sleep and $49 on Go2Sleep SE.

Note: Kindly note that, this exclusive discount price will vanish after November 30, 2022.

[Extra discount for our readers: Use promo code WELCOME10 or GO2SLEEP10 at checkout and get an extra 10% discount on select Sleepon products. Note: The first promo code is valid till January 31, 2023, and the second promo code is on January 5, 2023.]

Go2sleep is a smart fingertip device that can track your sleep, screen for sleep apnea, and improve sleep health, as well as a separate app integration that will keep track of your sleep quality every night by covering essential sleep and health data such as your Sleep stages, Heart rate, Blood oxygen saturation, Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI), Body movements, Sleep debt, Sleep efficiency, and providing health tips that are recommended to you.

The Go2sleep SE version, on the other hand, includes a fingertip option for users who prefer an over-the-ring style, which can increase monitoring stability. The Go2sleep and Go2sleep SE packages include the unit itself, as well as a charger and USB cable, 3x Silicon rings, and user manuals, whereas the 3x fingertips holder only comes with Go2sleep SE.


Do you snore a lot? Then Go2Silence will come in handy. Sleepon’s Go2Silence snore reducer device is also on sale, but it is currently out of stock; however, you can keep an eye on stock on the Sleepon website to see when it becomes available again. Actually, the Go2Silence snoring reducer device can help you in snoring less and breathe more deeply.

According to Sleepon, “Go2silence moves you off your back without disturbing your sleep. At lateral positions, your upper airway’s cross-sectional area is closer to the shape of circle, which allows easier breath and reduces sleep apnea.”

Here’s how:

(Image Credit: Sleepon)

Go2silence integrates digitalization with Positional Therapy. It not only helps you in changing your sleeping positions, but it also includes a high-tech sensor that provides you with detailed sleep position data.

(Image Credit: Sleepon)

When you attach or remove the device from your clothes, it will automatically turn on or off. Go2silence uses the strongest magnet grade of N48 to ensure that it does not easily detach during use.

You might be thinking that others sleeping on your side (such as your partner or children) could be disturbed by the Go2silence vibration, but it won’t happen. Here’s what Go2silence has to offer in terms of advanced features:

  • Whisper-like Vibration: You don’t need to worry whether using the device will disturb your partner. Go2silence uses the innovative Linear Vibration module which creates sounds lower than 30 decibels (e.g. whisper, quiet library).
  • Quick Response: The Z-axis vibration method responds faster than ordinary vibration motors and responds immediately according to your body position changes.
  • Customized vibration: You can turn on the vibration alert that will notify you to change your sleep positions. You can also set the sensitivity of the device. Higher sensitivity will make the device notify you at positions closer to the supine position.
(Image Credit: Sleepon)