Save $19 on Sonos One 2 Pack (Gen 2) Smart Speaker with Alexa Voice Control

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Save $19 on Sonos One 2 Pack (Gen 2) Smart Speaker with Alexa Voice Control

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At Adorama store, you can save $19 on Sonos One 2 Pack (Gen 2) Smart Speaker with Built-In Alexa Voice Control, Wi-Fi (Black model) during their deal of the day which is now decreased to $379 from the original price of $398. Just note that this deal is only for 2 packs of smart speakers, if you purchase a single speaker then you will get this at its regular price of $199 for 1 pack for both white and black models.

Sonos One (Gen 2) Smart Speaker with built-in Amazon Alexa voice control now supports Bluetooth Low-Energy technology as well as Wi-Fi connectivity, while the previous model was only limited to Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, the new quad-core processor and increased memory are set to enable seamless feature upgrades. Like the original version, the second-generation Sonos One lets you manage music, podcasts, news, audiobooks, and vinyl records at your fingertips and through voice commands.

While these smart speakers are the smallest in the brand’s lineup, they pack enough oomph to fill a room with crisp surround sound. The seamless Alexa integration lets you make a handful of useful commands, like enabling multi-room listening, turning the volume up or down in a specific room, and pulling up a playlist from your favorite audio streaming service.

Get the white and black Sonos One (Gen 2) and pair them to prompt the 6-microphone array so that Alexa can understand you better. Both the black and white speakers feature a smooth matte finish, sleek backlit touchpad, and sturdy build fit for any room in your home.


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