Samsung’s new Do-It-All Screen 4K monitor is now available in India

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Samsung’s new Do-It-All Screen 4K monitor is now available in India

Samsung announced a new Do-It-All Screen 4K monitor at end of May 2021, a new smart 4K monitor with a new design and build for businesses, academia, and consumers. Ahead of the Amazon Prime Day sale in India, Amazon launched this Do-It-All Screen monitor for Rs.48,999 (Reg. Rs.63,000) along with some newly launched monitors including LG, Lenovo, and HP. (Price will be changed in the future during the time of this post published)

This Smart Monitor includes built-in speakers, a solar-cell-powered remote control, and integrated media and productivity applications. Smart Monitor also has integrated media and productivity apps, flexible connections, built-in speakers, and a solar-cell-powered remote control that charges from indoor sunshine, lightbulbs, or a USB-C connection, as well as is made of recycled plastic for a lower carbon footprint.

Users can access OTT content and stream their favorite movies or shows on Netflix, HBO, or YouTube without having to connect to a computer or mobile device. Samsung’s TV Plus, likewise, provides free live and on-demand programming without the need for downloads or registration. The new “Universal Guide” also provides content recommendations based on an analysis of the user’s interests and viewing history, assuring fully tailored recommendations on popular apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and others.

Apple device users can get the advantage of Apple AirPlay 2 support on this monitor by viewing, mirroring contents, while the Samsung devices users can get the complete desktop experience on this smart 4K monitor by connecting with mobile devices.

Users can edit and view their documents and save them on the cloud on this monitor via Microsoft 365 application without having a computer. It has a different choice of connectivity includes 2x HDMI, 3x USB Type-A ports, 1x USB Type-C port (65W), and a power connector.

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