Report: Google Tensor chip production handle by Samsung and powered by 5nm process technology

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Google Tensor Chip

Google just unveiled the new Pixel 6 series with their custom-made SoC called Google Tensor chip that increases computing process in an efficient way and optimized for hardware and software by sharing some key details on their own chip but they didn’t disclose any further pieces of information like who will making the Tensor chip for their very own Pixel’s phones as well as no details on new Pixel 6 series phones.

According to the latest report from Nikkei Asia suggests, Google’s Tensor chip was built with 5nm process technology and production handled by Samsung. They said, “Google did not disclose who will manufacture the Tensor chip for Pixel, but sources familiar with the matter told Nikkei Asia that Samsung will handle production using its advanced 5-nanometer process technology. Samsung declined to comment, but the company said last week that it plans to accelerate its foundry business this year, with a focus on 5- and 4-nanometer processes.”


“Google had previously teamed up with chip designer Broadcom to develop the tensor processing unit for its mega data center servers. The company has been using TPUs in its data center for more than five years, to accelerate the computing of customized AI algorithms to help recognize and analyze images, languages, text, and videos in the cloud.”

So that’s it for now, there’s more information will come this fall, so we just hope that will be some specs information happen this fall because Google didn’t disclose any specs for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

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Report: Google Tensor chip production handle by Samsung and powered by 5nm process technology

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