Reddit is testing verification badges for businesses

Jul 31, 2023, 12:56 PM UTC
2 mins read
Reddit is testing verification badges for businesses
"Official" label next to username. (Image by BrineOfTheTimes via Reddit)

Reddit has started testing verification badges with a new “Official” label. The platform’s new label, currently undergoing early trials, is being extended to a select group of organizations with established ties to Reddit, though specifics are being kept under wraps, with only hints that it is “in the double digits.” To identify authentic brand accounts, the “Official” label will be displayed alongside usernames, functioning like existing flairs.

However, Reddit administrators noted that this badge should not be misinterpreted as an endorsement or promotional tool on their part. Its primary purpose lies in acting as a visual indicator of a verified profile, affording no special privileges or added protections to labeled accounts. It is essential to differentiate the “Official” label from the pre-existing “Promoted” label, which distinctly designates a paid advertisement.

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As of now, this initiative is being rolled out as a limited test, and Reddit’s plans to expand the program beyond businesses remain uncertain. The company appears to be adopting a manual verification process akin to Twitter‘s method rather than Instagram‘s approach, which permits users to purchase verification badges. However, it is plausible that Reddit may opt for the latter method in the future if the need arises to verify both individual users and brands.

In recent months, Reddit has encountered a few challenges with alterations to its API rules. Third-party developers had been utilizing Reddit’s APIs to create numerous apps that integrated with the platform. However, following the changes, several subreddits either closed or restricted access to protest the modifications. Moreover, some subreddits that were compelled to reopen chose to mark all new posts as Not Safe for Work (NSFW), impeding Reddit’s ability to monetize them.

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