PDF Manager app now available free till July 3

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PDF Manager app now available free till July 3
Image credit: Microsoft Store

The powerful PDF manager app is now available for free for a very limited time only till July 3, 2021, on Microsoft App Store which basically available for $30 (The actual price on the Microsoft India App Store page is ₹ 2,724). PDF Manager is a powerful pdf manager tool that allows you to edit, merge, split, reorder, delete, rotate, extract, and combine pdf files and pages.


PDF manager is published by User Camp developers, and not just this PDF Manager is free they also giving their premium apps for free like Penbook worth $19.99 (₹ 1,099), Mind Maps pro worth $19.99 (₹ 1,099), just note that User Camp developer giving these apps for free for a very limited time till July 3, 2021, so make sure you get as soon as possible before its too late.

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