Opera’s latest update brings ChatGPT and AI Prompts to its web browser

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Opera's latest update brings ChatGPT and AI Prompts to its web browser
(Image Credit: Opera)

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Opera has taken a bold step by integrating generative AI capabilities into its web browser using ChatGPT. This independent browser maker has launched sidebar integration for both ChatGPT and ChatSonic, and has introduced AI Prompts, which is now available to users after updating their browser.

To enable the AI Prompts feature, users need to go to the Easy Setup section and toggle on the option at the bottom of the page. However, for the Opera GX browser for games, users need to have the Early Bird option enabled in their browser settings. Once the option is switched on, users will see buttons for the chatbots on their sidebar, which they can click to launch within the browser. However, users need to log in to use either of the chatbots.

In addition to the sidebar integration, users can also launch the chatbots using the browser’s new contextual AI Prompts, which show up when they highlight text on a website. The prompts suggest different ways users can use the chatbots with the text on the page, such as turning a chunk of text into a soap opera or a football commentary, or using the information to create quiz questions. Green prompts use ChatGPT, while purple prompts use ChatSonic’s service.

Opera’s integration of AI capabilities is part of the first stage of its Browser AI plan. The company plans to launch more features based on its own GPT-based browser AI engine in the second stage. The move comes as many tech companies rush to get their own AI products out, following the popularity of ChatGPT. Microsoft, a long-time OpenAI backer, has launched its Bing Chat AI and Edge Copilot tools. Baidu also unveiled its ERNIE bot, while Google made its chatbot Bard more widely available in the US and the UK.