OpenAI brings the magic of ChatGPT to Android users, pre-order available now

Jul 21, 2023, 8:38 PM UTC
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OpenAI brings the magic of ChatGPT to Android users, pre-order available now
(Image credit: OpenAI)

OpenAI is all set to unveil its viral ChatGPT app for Android devices next week. Following the resounding success of its iOS counterpart launched in May, the Android release comes as a significant stride in democratizing AI technology for the masses. The speed at which ChatGPT has garnered a massive user base since its initial launch in November is nothing short of astonishing, rivaling even the popular Threads platform.

OpenAI’s commitment to extending the ChatGPT experience to Android users has been unwavering. With a recent tweet confirming the imminent release, the company tantalizingly offered a preorder page link in the Google Play Store. Users can promptly sign up to receive the app as soon as it becomes available, leaving Android enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the groundbreaking arrival.

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The iOS release of ChatGPT laid the foundation for its Android counterpart, promising its Android audience a version in the near future. As the tech community eagerly awaits the launch, industry experts are keen to witness the innovative features and capabilities that OpenAI has fine-tuned for the Android platform.

It is noteworthy that while Google’s Bard chatbot lacks dedicated mobile apps, relying solely on its web-based interface, ChatGPT’s Android app provides a dedicated space for users to experience the power of conversational AI without the need for a browser. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Bing app has already made strides in the mobile AI domain with its Prometheus Model and GPT-4 integration in both Android and iOS apps since February.

As anticipation peaks, industry analysts have closely scrutinized data from Sensor Tower and Similarweb, which showcased a temporary dip in web traffic and app installations in June. However, with the impending release of ChatGPT for Android, it’s evident that OpenAI remains at the forefront of AI advancements, ready to reinvigorate user engagement and interest.

Nevertheless, some users have voiced concerns regarding GPT-4’s performance, describing it as “slower and dumber.” In response, OpenAI has assured its users that continuous API updates are in progress, ensuring a seamless and intelligent conversational experience.

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