Notchless iPhone appeared in Ted Lasso second season episode

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Notchless iPhone appeared in Ted Lasso second season episode

Most people think the notch on iPhone front screen is weird, but that’s not the part of the story. Apple uses the notch to place some of its sensors and front camera module on it and over time the notch gets changed every time when Apple makes a new iPhone and according to rumors Apple also planning to hide the notch in the upcoming iPhone 13. Okay, that’s a brief story of iPhone notch, now moved to Ted Lasso series.

Have you watched the second season of Ted Lasso’s episode 06 “The Signal,” if not then watch and if you already watch then rewatch again on Apple TV+, because you may want to see the next-gen notchless iPhone?

In the “Ted Lasso” episode 06 “The Signal” from season two, you might be seeing an appearance of iPhone 13 without a notch which was held by a lady in that episode scene (See the above-featured image of this article). Okay, now many people may be thinking this is the visual effects, maybe you are right, but we clearly saw iPhone with no notch two times, so that must be the next iPhone 13 or Apple just want to give some hint about its upcoming iPhone 13 or its upcoming iPhones in the future.

And of course, everyone wants to see next-generation iPhone models without any notch and this would be a big step forward for Apple. Because if this happens, it will be automatically boosted their iPhone sale and existing iPhone users will definitely upgrade their old iPhone to the new iPhone model.