Norton Diwali Offers (Up to 66% Off)

Oct 22, 2021, 2:31 PM EDT
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Norton Diwali Offers (Up to 66% Off)

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Norton Diwali offers comes with up to 66% off on Norton selected products in India including Norton AntiVirus Plus which is now 63% off and available for ₹499 that discounted from ₹1349, and Norton 360 Standard which is now 61% off, and available for ₹799 that discounted from ₹2099, Norton 360 Deluxe (Up to 5 devices) which is now 25% off and available for ₹999 down from ₹2999, and Norton Mobile Security for Android now 20% off and available for ₹799 down from ₹999, Norton Mobile Security for iOS offers the same 20% discount as for Android.

Norton security technology includes a number of anti-virus and malware countermeasures. It analyses data from a network, such as the Internet, and assists in blocking potential online dangers until your device are attacked. Emulation is used to test and see what files do, and machine learning searches and assists in the removal of malware files that enter a computer. It uses artificial intelligence to detect behavior-based applications and aids in the automatic detection of applications that exhibit suspicious behavior.


It aids in the defense against zero-day attacks that target application or operating system flaws. It aids in the detection and removal of high-risk software and malware that may be present on your computer. Norton’s defense helps to prevent malicious software from replicating and spreading to other systems. Norton security (unlike viruses that utilize a file) aids in the detection of malware that replicates itself without the usage of a host file.

Norton Security provides defenses against several types of dangerous software, such as viruses, trojans, worms, and so on. Norton security seeks to protect against malware that encrypts a device’s information and then demands a fee to recover them. Norton protection detects software that monitors and distributes personally identifying or sensitive information to third parties.

Protecting Norton helps to block malware that is designed to display invasive advertisements. Norton protection identifies viruses hidden behind online ads. Norton Security detects phishing assaults, which divert users from a legal site to a fraudulent one. Protecting Norton helps to protect your browser from malware that modifies your browser’s settings or redirects your web traffic.


Norton Security assists in the defense against rootkits, which, if not discovered, might allow an unauthorized user to obtain control of a computer system. Norton Security philters out spam communications for Microsoft Outlook email clients. Norton’s defense aids in the detection and removal of Trojans known to target banking sessions.

Norton Security assists in the detection of malware that leverages someone else’s computing resources to run a coin mining script without the user’s permission. To exploit a security weakness, Norton’s defense aids in the blocking of specific approaches used by malware.

Norton security aids in the prevention of credit card fraud when shopping online. Norton security aids in the prevention of internet attacks aimed at stealing keystrokes you type, such as when you enter your online account login and password. Norton Security detects malware that hijacks a web session.


Norton protection detects and removes browser extensions and programs that are known to create issues. Norton Security assists in the prevention of Facebook like-jacking, a type of clickjacking in which a user clicks on something bad concealed in the background that may be advertised to their friends.

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